Am I A Responsible Employee?

A Responsible Employee is any employee (other than a Confidential Resource) who:

  1. Has the authority to take action to redress sexual misconduct; or
  2. Who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct by students or employees to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate school designee.

At UWM, the following employees are Responsible Employees:

  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellors (including Associate and Assistant Vice Chancellors)
  • Deans (including Associate and Assistant Deans)
  • Department Chairs
  • Directors (including Associate and Assistant Directors) and all Limited Appointees (except for the Director of Legal Affairs if the information is precluded by attorney-client privilege or applicable ethical rules, and the Student Health and Wellness Center’s Executive Director, Director of Clinical Services, and Counseling Director, if the reported information is precluded from disclosure by the applicable patient-client privilege or applicable ethical rules)
  • Supervisors of lead workers
  • Human Resources Representatives
  • Athletic Department Coaches and Administrative Staff
  • Student Services Staff (employees whose duties require them to have regular or daily contact with students. This includes employees who are responsible for directly providing services to undergraduate and graduate students and to student organizations)
  • Police Department Staff, including dispatchers and security and civilian staff
  • Housing Director and Associate Director
  • Residence Life Coordinators, Area Coordinators, Resident Assistants, Security and Desk Staff
  • Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Dean of Students Office and Office of Equity/Diversity Services Investigators
  • Hearing Officers, Hearing Panel Members and Disciplinary Decision Makers
  • Appeals Officers

Signal your Title IX reporting obligations to others with a Responsible Employee sign and/or email signature graphic.

Responsible Employee SignifiersResponsible Employee Signifiers

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