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UWM students, faculty, and staff may use TechRepair services for their personal devices. Our services are provided by appointment to ensure technicians are available to evaluate your device and discuss repair options. Please contact us by requesting an appointment below. You can also email or call to schedule an appointment.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before requesting an appointment.

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UWM TechRepair provides diagnostic, data, hardware and other services for personal devices. As a student at UWM you can receive 2 FREE virus removals per semester! Please see the service menu below for a full list of services, costs, and descriptions.

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Computer Diagnostic$30Initial review of problems to determine proper course of action. Fee waived if other services performed.

Data Services:

Student Virus RemovalFree (2 per semester)Remove virus and malware, install and configure anti-virus software. Install Operating System updates.
Virus Removal$80Remove virus and malware, install and configure anti-virus software. Install Operating System updates.
OS Install$50Install Operating System and updates. Install and configure anti-virus software.
Data Transfer$50Transfer data from one computer or hard drive to another computer or external hard drive.
Software Installation$20Install and configure pre-purchased software.

Hardware Services:

Hardware Installation$40 + HardwareInstall replacement hardware. This includes but is not limited to mother boards, optical drives and graphics cards.
Hard Drive Installation$40 +
Hard Drive
Install new hard drive, install operatiing system, run updates, and install and configure anti virus software.
Memory Installation$20 + MemoryInstall replacement memory.
MacBook Battery Replacement$80 + BatteryInstall replacement battery and other parts as required.
Windows/Linux Battery Replacement$20 + BatteryInstall replacement battery.
MacBook Screen Replacement$80 + DisplayInstall replacement display and other parts as required.
Windows/Linux Screen Replacement$60 + DisplayInstall replacement display.
Hourly Service$95An hourly service fee may be assessed when doing repair work for warranted machines with non warranted damage. Client notified prior to charges.

Please note: Backups are used internally to secure client data. We do not provide a copy of this data and it is deleted from our server at the time of pickup.

Payment Options

Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, or PantherCard.

Please note: UWM TechRepair does not accept cash payments.

Service Expectations

UWM TechRepair strives to complete repairs and services within five (5) to seven (7) business days. However, many variables can influence turnaround time including:

  • High volume periods (such as the start of a semester)
  • Diagnostic time
  • Parts availability

UWM TechRepair will contact you when repairs or services are complete.

For a status update, call (414) 229-1125 or email