To ensure a smooth return to work on-campus, we suggest returning employees set aside time to check that their on-campus technology is ready to use. Some recommended steps and common issues are outlined below:

Log into your on-campus computer

If you plan to use an on-campus computer that has not been used for a while, start by turning the computer on and trying to sign in. If you have problems with this, please contact the UWM Help Desk. Common issues include:

  • Forgot or changed password: Some devices, especially older Apple computers, may need a little extra help to get passwords in sync.
  • Computers disconnected and/or moved: If your office location was moved, re-arranged or remodeled, your computer hardware and cables may need to be set up again.
  • If you are contacting the UWM Help Desk for support, you can expedite a support request by finding and providing your computer name. See instructions for Windows or macOS.
Install updates

If a computer has been shut down for an extended time, it will need to install updates to the operating system and to installed applications.

  • Leave your computer powered on so that updates can be installed automatically.
  • You can expedite the process by manually checking for updates. See the instructions below:
    1. Install updates on Windows
    2. Install updates on macOS
  • Depending on the situation, installing all updates may take several hours to complete.
  • Your computer will likely run more slowly than normal while installing updates; plan accordingly by setting aside time to let updates run.
  • Your computer may need to restart one or more times during the update process.
Check installed software

Verify the applications you need are still installed and working as intended. Make a list of the apps you will use and test them one at a time.

  • Some applications will update automatically when run or may need to be updated manually.
  • Software that requires a license purchase or subscription may have expired.
  • You can contact the UWM Help Desk if you need help installing, updating, or relicensing any software.
Check printers

Visit each device where you will print, scan, or copy. You can try a test print/scan job to verify the device is working with your computer.

  • Printers can be added to UWM managed computers using self-service. Please see instructions below:
  • Leased network printers and copiers may have been replaced or removed since you were last on-campus.
  • If you have a shared network printer that is not printing, try turning the printer off and on again. If this does not solve the problem, contact the UWM Help Desk.
  • Problems with leased printers/copiers/scanners should be reported to Print & Copy services.
Check mapped network drives

Verify that you can access your shared files on the new mapped network drive called Shares.

  • All UWM network drives are now consolidated under one location called “Shares.” These changes were made during Summer 2020 but might not affect your computer until you return to campus.
  • If a computer has been unused for a long time, it might have old network drive mappings besides Shares. These will no longer function.
  • Instructions to map Shares:
    • UWM managed Windows PCs will map Shares automatically to the S:\ drive. Look for the folder under “This PC” in File Explorer.
    • If you need to manually map to Shares on a PC see instructions here: Map Shares from a Windows computer
    • To map Shares on a Mac, see instructions here: Map Shares from a macOS computer
    • If you need help with accessing files in a network drive, contact the UWM Help Desk.
Check your telephony equipment

Nearly all UWM telephone numbers belonging to individual people have been moved to Teams.