What is a project?

A project is a unique, uncommon, operation where a specific set of actions have been designed to accomplish a goal. It is temporary in nature, has a specific timeline, a fixed scope, well-defined resources, and a capable project team used in conjunction with one another to reach the desired outcome.

An IT project typically performs one or more of the following functions and meets one or more of the following criteria:


  • Implement a new system or service
  • Make significant improvements to an existing system or service
  • Application of major upgrades to software and hardware
  • Research new technology for a specific purpose
  • Improve existing or introduce new processes


  • It will take more than one week of effort to complete
  • It will involve more than one person or department
  • It will affect more than one department
  • It will involve procurement of IT resources
  • It will require documentation, training, and communication
  • It will significantly impact other areas of work
  • It will have significant interest or involvement of leadership

Project Request Form

Do you have a project that will utilize technology? We can help you navigate the IT Project management process and get you connected to the right folks. Please fill out the following form to get in touch with University IT Services' Project Management Office.

Common Project Sponsor Characteristics/Responsibilities: -Initiating, ensuring, approving, and establishing a series of key aspects in relation to the project. -Contributing to project vision, governance, and value/benefits realization. -Keeping the project aligned with business objectives and advocates for the project team. -Identifying, promoting, and approving change within the organization. -Providing guidance and relevant resources to the project team.
Common Executive Project Sponsor Characteristics: -Championing the project, by advocating and securing support from cross-functional departments. -Ensuring overall success and alignment of project to the vision and strategy of the organization. -Has overall accountability of the project, including funding. -Often at senior leadership level
What problem would this project address? Would there be any missed opportunities if the project was not undertaken?
What are the desired results or outcomes that you want from this project?
What must be accomplished to complete the project's goals?
What measurable values or activities will indicate the project's success upon completion?
What factors could impact the outcome of the project?
Has a budgeted dollar amount been allocated to this project? If so, how much?
Does the project need to be completed by a certain time? Reason why?
What other people or vendors have been involved in the process so far?
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