Policies and Procedures

The following is a list of policies and procedures that may be important for students.

Student Conduct

Student Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures: Chapter UWS 17

  • See 17.09 for conduct subject to disciplinary action
  • See 17.10 for disciplinary sanctions

Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures: Chapter UWS 14

  • See 14.03 for academic misconduct subject to disciplinary action
  • See 14.04 for disciplinary sanctions

Conduct on University Lands: Chapter UWS 18

UWM Drug, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Policy

Discriminatory Conduct and Consensual Relationships Policy: UWM S-47

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy: UWM S-78

UWM Respectful Campus Standards (Appendix 2.4 includes the Definitions of Bullying)

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Policy: UWM S-24.5

Behavior Impeding Learning Process Policy: UWM S-9

Commitment to Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression: UW System Board of Regents Policy 4-21

Smoking Policy: UWM S-49

Tuition and Fees

Miscellaneous Policies

University Housing Policies

Student Organization Manual

Accommodation of Religious Beliefs Policy: UWM S-1.5

Compliance with Clery Act Policy: UWM S-79

Academic Policies

Examinations and Finals Policy: UWM S-22

For a comprehensive list of university policies and procedures, please visit the Secretary of the University page.