Student Handbook Policies

As a student at UW-Milwaukee, it is important to be aware of institutional policies that pertain to you and your experience. Below is a compiled list of specific policies that students may need to know during their time at UWM. You will find links to the Wisconsin Administrative Codes, PDFs of UWM policies, as well as information from the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents.

FERPA: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act 

Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures: Chapter UWS 14

  • See 14.03 for academic misconduct subject to disciplinary action
  • See 14.04 for disciplinary sanctions

Student Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures: Chapter UWS 17

  • See 17.09 for conduct subject to disciplinary action
  • See 17.10 for disciplinary sanctions

Conduct on University Lands: Chapter UWS 18

Commitment to Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression: UW System Board of Regents Policy 4-21

Accommodation of Religious Beliefs Policy: UWM S-1.5

Behavior Impeding Learning Process Policy: UWM S-9

Compliance with Clery Act Policy: UWM S-79

Discriminatory Conduct and Consensual Relationships Policy: UWM S-47

Drug-free Campus Policy: UWM S-19.5

Examinations and Finals Policy: UWM S-22

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Policy: UWM S-24.5

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy: UWM S-78

Smoking Policy: UWM S-49

Student Organization Manual

University Housing Policies

UWM Respectful Campus Standards

  • Scroll to Appendix 2.4 for Definitions of Bullying

For a comprehensive list of university policies and procedures, please visit the Secretary of the University page.