Roberts, John

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Spring 2022 Office Hours:

By virtual appointment only


PhD, Sociology, Cornell University

Areas of Specialization

Social Networks; Quantitative Methods; Mathematical Sociology; Criminology

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2022
SOCIOL 760-401: & 801: Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology

Prior Teaching Schedule

Fall 2021
SOCIOL 701-201: Professional Seminar
SOCIOL 750-201: Research Methods in Sociology

Spring 2021
SOCIOL 352-201: Social Networks

Fall 2020
SOCIOL 701-001: Professional Seminar
SOCIOL 982-401: Advanced Quantitative Analysis

Summer 2020
SOCIOL 261-201: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology

Spring 2020
SOCIOL 951: Seminar in Research Methodology

Selected Publications

Roberts, J. M., Roberts, A., & Wadsworth, T. Multiple imputation of missing values in homicide incident data: An evaluation using unique test data. Homicide Studies.
Roberts, A., & Roberts, J. M. (2016, December). Crime clearance and temporal variation in police investigative workload: Evidence from National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 32, 651-674.
Peeples, M. A., Mills, B. J., Haas, W. R., Clark, J. J., & Roberts, J. M. (2016, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Analytical challenges for the application of social network analysis in archaeology. Brughmans, T., Collar, A. C., & Coward, F. (Eds.). The Connected Past, 59-84. Oxford University Press.
Roberts, J. M. (2015, September). U.S. spousal homicide rates by racial composition of marriage. Annals of Epidemiology, 25, 668-673.
Mills, B. J., Peeples, M. A., Haas, W. R., Borck, L., Clark, J. J., & Roberts, J. M. (2015, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Multiscalar perspectives on networks in the late prehispanic Southwest. American Antiquity, 80(1), 3-24.
Roberts, J. M., Roberts, A., & Brewer, D. D. (2014, February). Network contacts and activity domains: Information-sharing among police agencies. Human Organization, 73(1), 13-24.
Mills, B. J., Clark, J. J., Peeples, M. A., Haas, Jr., W. R., Roberts, J. M., Hill, B., Huntley, D. L., Borck, L., Breiger, R. L., Clauset, A., & Shackley, M. S. (2013, March). Transformation of social networks in the late prehispanic U.S. Southwest. PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), 110, 5785-5790.
Mills, B. J., Roberts, J. M., Clark, J. J., Haas, W. R., Huntley, D., Peeples, M. A., Borck, L., Ryan, C. S., Trowbridge, M., & Breiger, R. L. (2013). The Dynamics of Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic US Southwest. Knappett, C. (Ed.). Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Interaction, 181-202. London: Oxford University.
Peeples, M. A., & Roberts, J. M. (2013, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). To binarize or not to binarize: Relational data and the construction of archaeological networks. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(7), 3001-3010.
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Roberts, A., & Roberts, J. (2007). The structure of informal communication between police agencies. Policing, 30, 93-107.