Roberts, Aki

Associate Professor

Fall 2021 Office Hours

Mondays 3:00-5:00pm


PhD, Sociology, University of New Mexico

Areas of Specialization

Criminology; Crime Justice Outcome; Motor Vehicle Theft; Japanese Crime; National Incident Based Reporting Systems (NIBRS)

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2021
SOCIOL 261-201: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology
SOCIOL 461-401 & 461-901 Social Data Analysis using Regression

Prior Teaching Schedule

Spring 2021
SOCIOL 261-202: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology
SOCIOL 760-201: Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology

Fall 2020
SOCIOL 261-402: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology
SOCIOL 461-401: Social Data Analysis Using Regression

Spring 2020
SOCIOL 261-402: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology
SOCIOL 760-401: Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology

Selected Publications

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