Gauchat, Gordon

Associate Professor

Spring Semester Virtual Office Hours

By appointment only.


PhD, Sociology, University of Connecticut
MA, Sociology, University of Connecticut
BA, Sociology and Economics, University of Connecticut

Areas of Specialization

Social Inequality; Environmental Sociology; Political Economy; Science, Culture-Cognition and Quantitative Methods

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2021
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology
SOCIOL 375-201: Social Theory

Fall 2020
SOCIOL 375-201: Social Theory
SOCIOL 715-001: Systematic Sociological Theory

Summer 2020
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology

Summer 2019
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology

Selected Publications

Gauchat, G. W., & Andrews, K. T. (2018, June). The Cultural-Cognitive Mapping of Scientific Professions. American Sociological Review, 83(3), 567 - 595.
Gauchat, G. W. (2018, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Trust in Climate Scientists. Nature Climate Change.
Gauchat, G. W., O'Brien, T. L., & Mirosa, O. (2017). The Legitimacy of Environmental Scientists in the Public Sphere. Climatic Change, 143(3-4), 297-306.
Brady, D., Marquardt, S., Gauchat, G. W., & Reynolds, M. M. (2016). Path Dependency and the Politics of Socialized Health Care. Journal of health politics, policy and law.
Kelly, M., & Gauchat, G. W. (2015). Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics U.S. Feminists’ Attitudes toward Social Policies. Sociological Perspectives.
Perrin, A., Roos, J., & Gauchat, G. (2014). From Coalition to Constraint: Modes of Thought in Contemporary American Conservatism. Sociological Forum, 29(2), 285–300.
Gauchat, G. W., Kelly, M., & Wallace, M. (2012). Occupational Gender Segregation, Globalization, and Gender Earnings Inequality in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. Gender and Society, 26(5), 718-747.
Gauchat, G. W. (2011). The Cultural Authority of Science: Public Trust and Acceptance of Organized Science. Public Understanding of Science, 20(6), 751-770.
Gauchat, G. W., Wallace, M., Borch, C., & Lowe, T. S. (2011). The Military Metropolis: Defense Dependence in US Metropolitan Areas. City and Community, 10(1), 25-48.
Gauchat, G. W. (2008). A Test of Three Theories of Anti-Science. Sociological Focus, 41(4), 337-357.