Gauchat, Gordon

Associate Professor

Spring 2022 Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:00pm


PhD, Sociology, University of Connecticut
MA, Sociology, University of Connecticut
BA, Sociology and Economics, University of Connecticut

Areas of Specialization

Social Inequality; Environmental Sociology; Political Economy; Science, Culture-Cognition and Quantitative Methods

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2022
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology
SOCIOL 375-201: Social Theory

Prior Teaching Schedule

Fall 2021
SOCIOL 375-001: Social Theory
SOCIOL 911-001: The Sociology of Institutions

Spring 2021
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology
SOCIOL 375-201: Social Theory

Fall 2020
SOCIOL 375-201: Social Theory
SOCIOL 715-001: Systematic Sociological Theory

Summer 2020
SOCIOL 304-201: Political Sociology

Selected Publications

Gauchat, G. W., & Andrews, K. T. (2018, June). The Cultural-Cognitive Mapping of Scientific Professions. American Sociological Review, 83(3), 567 - 595.
Gauchat, G. W. (2018, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Trust in Climate Scientists. Nature Climate Change.
Gauchat, G. W., O'Brien, T. L., & Mirosa, O. (2017). The Legitimacy of Environmental Scientists in the Public Sphere. Climatic Change, 143(3-4), 297-306.
Brady, D., Marquardt, S., Gauchat, G. W., & Reynolds, M. M. (2016). Path Dependency and the Politics of Socialized Health Care. Journal of health politics, policy and law.
Kelly, M., & Gauchat, G. W. (2015). Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics U.S. Feminists’ Attitudes toward Social Policies. Sociological Perspectives.
Perrin, A., Roos, J., & Gauchat, G. (2014). From Coalition to Constraint: Modes of Thought in Contemporary American Conservatism. Sociological Forum, 29(2), 285–300.
Gauchat, G. W., Kelly, M., & Wallace, M. (2012). Occupational Gender Segregation, Globalization, and Gender Earnings Inequality in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. Gender and Society, 26(5), 718-747.
Gauchat, G. W. (2011). The Cultural Authority of Science: Public Trust and Acceptance of Organized Science. Public Understanding of Science, 20(6), 751-770.
Gauchat, G. W., Wallace, M., Borch, C., & Lowe, T. S. (2011). The Military Metropolis: Defense Dependence in US Metropolitan Areas. City and Community, 10(1), 25-48.
Gauchat, G. W. (2008). A Test of Three Theories of Anti-Science. Sociological Focus, 41(4), 337-357.