Chesley, Noelle

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Spring 2022 Office Hours

Virtually, Monday-Friday by appointment only (voice or video chat)


PhD, Cornell University
MPA, Syracuse University
BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, WI

Areas of Specialization

Social Implications of Data and Technology; Gender; Work and Family; Health and Well-Being

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2022
SOCIOL 260-201: Blood, Sex, Money Power: The Family and Intimate Relationships

Prior Teaching Schedule

Fall 2021
SOCIOL 928-001: Seminar in Social Organization: Data and Society

Spring 2020
SOCIOL 928-001: Seminar in Social Organization: Data and Society

Fall 2019
SOCIOL 260-201: Blood, Sex, Money, Power: Families and Intimate Relationships
SOCIOL 361-401: Research Methods in Sociology

Selected Publications

Chesley, N. A., Meier, H., Luo, J., Apchemengich, I., & Davies, W. (2020, June). Social factors shaing the adoption of lead-filering point-of-use systems: an observational study of an MTurk sample. Journal of Water and Health.
Chesley, N. A. (2016, November). What Does it Mean to be a Breadwinner Mother? Journal of Family Issues, 38(18), 2594–2619.
Chesley, N. A., & Flood, S. (2016, November). Signs of Change? At-Home and Breadwinner Parents’ Housework and Child Care Time. Journal of Marriage and Family, 79(2), 511-534.
Chesley, N. A., & Johnson, B. (2015). Technology Use and the New Economy: Work Extension, Network Connectivity, and Employee Distress and Productivity. Research in the Sociology of Work, 26, 61-99.
Chesley, N. A., & Johnson, B. (2014). Information and Communication Technology Use and Social Connectedness over the Life Course. Sociology Compass, 8/6, 589-602.
Chesley, N. A. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Information and Communication Technology Use, Work Intensification, and Employee Strain and Distress. Work, Employment, & Society, 28(4), 589-610.
Chesley, N. A., Slibak, A., & Wajcman, J. (2013, November). Information and Communication Technology Use and Work-Life Integration. Major, D., & Burke, R. (Eds.). Handbook of work-life integration of professionals: Challenges and opportunities, 245-266. Elgar Publications.
Chesley, N. A., & Fox, B. (2012, February). Email Use and its Perceived Effect on Family Relationship Quality: Variation by Gender and Race/Ethnicity. Mesch, G. (Ed.). Sociological Focus, 45(1), 1-22.
Fonk, J., Davidoff, D., Lutzow, T., Chesley, N. A., & Mathiowetz, N. (2012, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). The Effect of Advance Directives on End-of-Life Cost Experience. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 23(3), 1137-56.
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Chesley, N. A. (2005). Blurring Boundaries? Linking Technology Use, Spillover, Individual Distress, and Family Satisfaction. Journal of Marriage and Family, 67, 1237-1248.