Students develop a broad foundation for understanding criminal justice policy, and the conceptual and analytical skills critical to the effective management of public agencies and programs.

Contemporary public officials are required to make complex choices and implement programs and policies within difficult financial, legal, political, and organizational constraints. More than ever, it is important that administrators be able to work with a variety of people, both within and outside the public sector. Professional education thus encompasses fiscal control, quantitative analysis, organization management, decision analysis, and a working understanding of government institutions and legal procedures.

Both departments collaboratively offer a program designed to provide students with theoretical and practical exposure to evolving professional practice in the field of criminal justice.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements
    • The total credits for the coordinated program would typically be completed in both programs at the same time, rather than one program after the other. Students will take 33 credits for the MS in Criminal Justice & Criminology and a minimum of 39 for the MPA. Degrees will be awarded simultaneously. A student not completing the requirements for the coordinated degree program would need to complete all requirements for an individual program in order to receive a degree.
    • Students in the coordinated MS/MPA program must complete all degree requirements within seven years of the first enrollment as a degree student.
    • Track A Students with significant public or nonprofit sector work experience may, at the discretion of the MPA Director, have the Government/Nonprofit Administrative Internship course (Pub Adm 921) waived. Students seeking placement in this track will need to meet with the MPA Director to discuss this possibility and will be required to provide documentation of current public or nonprofit sector work experience.
    • Track B Students with no significant public or nonprofit sector work experience are required to enroll in and successfully complete the Government/Nonprofit Administrative Internship course (Pub Adm 921). As part of the requirements for this course, Track B students are required to obtain, with the assistance of the MPA Director, one or more internships in either the public or nonprofit sector while enrolled in the MPA program.
Criminal Justice & CRIMINOLOGY
CRM JST 773 Perspectives on Crime & the Criminal Justice System 3 cr
CRM JST 743 Administration of Criminal Justice Systems 3 cr
CRM JST 756 Analysis of Criminal Justice Research 3 cr
PUB ADM 792 Decision Making for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3cr). Students with GRE score below 600 (old version) or 160 (new version) should take this course.
12 additional credit hours of courses must be taken within the criminal justice program 12 cr
12 credit hours from successfully completed MPA courses selected with the student’s advisor (12 cr)
TOTAL: 21 Crm Jst credits + 12 MPA credits 33 Credits
Master of Public Administration
Bus Adm 738: Human Resource Management 3 cr
Pub Adm 763: Scope and Dynamics of Public Administration 3 cr
Pub Adm 769: Analyzing and Evaluating Public Policies and Programs 3 cr
Pub Adm (POLI SCI) 959: Capstone Seminar in Public Administration 3 cr
One course in research methods/statistics selected from the following list: 3 cr
Bus Mgnt 709: Analytic Models for Managers
Pub Adm 792: Decision Making for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Crm Jst 756: Analysis of Criminal Justice Research
One seminar in organizational management and leadership selected from the following list: 3 cr
Bus Adm 441: Diversity in Organizations
Bus Adm 443: Special Topics in Human Resources Management
Bus Adm 706: Managing in a Dynamic Environment
Bus Adm 737: Managerial Decisions and Negotiations
General Public Administration/Select any three of the following courses (they are each 3 credits): 9 cr
Bus Mgnt 724: Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
Pub Adm 400: Ethics and Responsibility in Public Administration
Pub Adm/Urb Plan 630: Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
Pub Adm 750: Public Administration Risk Analysis
Pub Adm/Poli Sci 914: Seminar in Intergovernmental Relations
Pub Adm 958: Seminar in Public Administration
Pub Adm 965: Municipal Management
12 credit hours of Crm Jst courses satisfy the concentration requirement for the MPA (12 cr)
Internship An internship is mandatory for students with no public sector work experience. (3 cr)
Pub Admin 921: Government/Nonprofit Administrative Internship
TOTAL: 27-30 MPA credits + 12 Crm Jst credits 39-42 Credits
TOTAL credits required for dual degree: 21 Crm Jst + 27 MPA = 48 credits (or 51 credits in cases where an internship is mandatory.) 48-51 Credits
Admission Requirements