Course Evaluations

The Testing Center provides course evaluation services to many departments. Our services can include help with form development, data processing, and creation of reports. Statistical reports can be produced including frequency, mean, median, mode and standard deviation.

The turn-around time for evaluation processing is three weeks. The required format must be followed to ensure accuracy timely turn-around. If you are planning to change the format of your departmental evaluations, you must contact Lisa Fugina in the Testing Center at 229-6388 the semester prior to implementation.

Evaluation reports for both paper and online evaluations are shared via SharePoint and will be stored in a folder with the department name. Only individuals with share permission will be able to access the reports. Evaluation data will be kept on file in the Testing Center for a period of two years. After that time, the data will no longer be available and revisions cannot be made after that time. If you anticipate reviewing your reports after that time you will need to save them in your own directory.  Order paper evaluation forms here.

First time users will receive a free consultations however there may be a charge for software programming.

Paper-Based Evaluations

1) Request evaluation service. In order to ensure quick and accurate results, you must complete and submit the Evaluation Processing Request from our online application and use the correct format for your department.  See the departmental formats links in drop down menu below for more information. If you do not see your department listed please use our General (pdf) format. Order paper evaluation forms here. This request will be submitted to the Testing Center.

2) Evaluation Form Drop Off.
You will need to drop off the evaluation forms in the Testing Center, Mellencamp Hall B28 during office hours. Once the evaluation forms are received you will be assigned a job number for your reference. Standard evaluation sheets may be used or departments may work with our office in advance to design and order custom forms that are compatible with our scanning equipment.

  • Evaluations must be submitted as a set each semester. Sections turned in separately will be evaluated separately. Each course section should be clearly labeled with the instructor’s name and course number.
  • If using standard forms, the first sheet in each packet serves as a “header” sheet for the scanning process. This sheet must be filled out with the instructor’s last name and the course number and section number filled in the Identification field. The remainder of the sheet should be blank. Completed evaluation sheets for each course should follow the header sheet. Those sheets are marked only with the student responses. Custom forms do not require a “header sheet”.
  • If more than one instructor taught the same course, the data for that course number will be combined into the same report unless a special code is used to differentiate between instructors

3) Evaluation Pick Up.
An authorized representative must pick up the evaluation forms. We do not send evaluation materials through inter-campus mail as that compromises security. You or the representative will need to present a valid photo ID. Answer sheets that are not picked up from the Testing Center one month after drop off will be shredded.
Evaluation reports will be processed within three weeks following the end of the current semester and shared through SharePoint. Evaluation sheets will be retained at the Testing Center for a period of two months after the job has been completed and the department has been contacted. The Testing Center is not responsible for sheets not picked up after that period of time.

Online Evaluations

1) Request evaluation service.
No later than three weeks before the end of the semester, departments must complete the Evaluation Processing Request. This request will be submitted to the Testing Center.  This will include all required information. Prior to the evaluation period departments utilizing online evaluations will receive an email reminder regarding evaluations from the Testing Center.

2) Sending Course Evaluations to Students.
One week before final exams, the Testing Center will send out the online evaluation to students. This email can include any incentive options made available to the students. It is helpful for instructors to alert their students beforehand that the email is coming to encourage them to complete the evaluation and remind them that evaluations are completely confidential. Midway through the evaluation period, the Testing Center will send students a reminder email.

3) Evaluation Pick Up.
Evaluation reports will be processed and shared within three weeks of the end of the semester through SharePoint.[/expand]

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