Course Evaluations

The Testing Center provides course evaluation services to many departments. Our services can include help with survey development, data processing, and generating statistical reports including frequency, mean, median, mode and standard deviation.


Request Evaluation Service

You must complete and submit the Evaluation Processing Request from our online application. This request will be submitted to the Testing Center. After processing the evaluations, reports are shared via SharePoint in a folder with the department name. Only individuals with share permission will be able to access the reports. Evaluation data will be kept on file in the Testing Center for a period of two years. After that time, the data will no longer be available, and revisions cannot be made after that time. If you anticipate accessing reports after that time you will need to save them in your own directory.

The required format must be followed to ensure accuracy and timely turn-around. If you are planning to change the format of your departmental evaluations, you must contact Lisa Fugina in the Testing Center at the semester prior to implementation.

Online Evaluation Services

Sending Course Evaluations
Two weeks before final exams, the Testing Center will send out the online evaluation to students via email. This email can include any incentive options made available to the students. It is helpful for instructors to alert their students beforehand that the email is coming and to encourage them to complete the evaluation and remind them that evaluations are confidential and used to improve instruction. Midway through the evaluation period, the Testing Center will send students a reminder to complete the evaluation.

Sharing Evaluation Results
Evaluation reports will be processed and shared after grades have been submitted through SharePoint.