Adding Requesters or Approvers in ShopUW+

Adding the security role of ‘Requester’ in ShopUW+ should be accomplished via the Security Role Request form available in SFS. Please login to SFS to request the ‘UW_UNV_JG_REQUESTER’ role for those who need it. The role requires the individual and their supervisor to approve. Requesters are not tied to a specific funding string (ORG) in ShopUW+.

Adding the security role role of Approver in ShopUW+ should be accomplished by the Dean or divisional UBR submitting the request via email to Please specify the funding string (ORG) that the Approver will be responsible for, and their Approval Level.

Reminder: Approver Level 1 ($100-$5,000), Approver Level 2 ($5,000 to $50,000), Approver Level 3 ($50,000 and above).

Newly added Requesters and Approvers should self-enroll and complete training at ShopUW+ Essentials prior to engaging in Requester or Approver activity.