UWM microcredentials offer specific skills in nonprofit management ‘a la carte’

HBI Microcredentials

Beginning this fall, UWM will offer microcredentials in eight sought-after skill areas of nonprofit management. To earn this new graduate-level credential, students take a cluster of three courses focused on a specific topic, which they can complete in under a year and a half. Completion comes with a badge that nonprofit leaders can use on a resume or LinkedIn account as evidence of competency.

“This is a way for people to get training in a much more concentrated form without having to make a larger investment, in a longer time frame,” Lord said. “The microcredentials are creating an ‘a la carte’ system for learners.”

Besides fundraising, UWM will offer microcredentials in seven other nonprofit-specific skill areas: nonprofit governance, nonprofit advocacy, nonprofit financial management and accountability, nonprofit marketing, nonprofit innovation, nonprofit technology, and nonprofit administration.

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