Courses Offered

Public Administration Courses

PUB ADM 400 Ethics and Responsibility in Public Administration
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
How public administrators make ethically-sound decisions; moral and value systems that shape public administration; temptations that can cause officials to stray from ethical standards.

PUB ADM 452 Administrative Law
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
An examination of due process, privacy, and other constitutional and legal issues as they arise in the regulatory investigatory, and enforcement activities of administrative agencies.

PUB ADM 630 Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Examination of the budgeting process in the public sector; development of skills in budgeting and financial management. Topics include capital budgeting, debt management, revenue forecasting, and auditing.

PUB ADM 730 Budgeting for Public Sector Professionals
3 cr. Graduate.
Budgeting skills for effective local and state government management; financial reporting, revenue collection and administration, pension funds, debt issuance, analytical techniques used in public budgeting.

PUB ADM 750 Public Administration Risk and Analysis
3 cr. Graduate.
Efficiency analysis; return-on-investment analysis; shared services vs. privatization; total employee compensation as a management tool; risk mitigation; the government purchasing process.

PUB ADM 763 Scope and Dynamics of Public Administration
3 cr. Graduate.
The field of public administration, including organization theory, public management, the politics of administration, and the role of government in policy-making.

PUB ADM 769 Analyzing and Evaluating Public Policies and Programs
3 cr. Graduate.
Examination of methods, including cost-benefit analysis and decision analysis, that aid policy makers and administrators in understanding and assessing public and nonprofit sector policies and programs.

PUB ADM 792 Decision-Making for Nonprofit and Public Organizations
3 cr. Graduate.
Research methods including research design, measurement, and analysis. Qualitative and quantitative decision-making methods. Understanding and using basic statistical concepts and techniques in decision making.

PUB ADM 888 Candidate for Degree
0 cr. Graduate.
Available for graduate students who must meet minimum credit load requirement.

PUB ADM 914 Seminar in Intergovernment Relations
3 cr. Graduate.
Policy issues in intergovernmental relations and the complex governmental context in which Americans live and work.

PUB ADM 921 Public Service Administrative Internship
3 cr. Graduate.
This course combines a supervised field placement in a governmental agency or non-profit organization with class sessions and assignments designed to augment the work experience.

PUB ADM 958 Seminar in Public Administration:
3 cr. Graduate.
Selected topics covering different aspects of public administration.

PUB ADM 959 Capstone Seminar in Public Administration
3 cr. Graduate.
Seminar in public administration focusing on administrative ethics and applied research. Requires written and oral presentation of research project.

PUB ADM 965 Municipal Management
3 cr. Graduate.
The political, social, and economic contexts in which the urban manager functions, with an emphasis on managing municipal service delivery and resources.

PUB ADM 999 Independent Study
1-3 cr. Graduate.
Independent study in a subject area of special need or interest after consultation with a faculty member.