Courses Offered

Nonprofit Management Courses

BUS ADM 766 - Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Explores ways in which non-business organizations such as hospitals, quasi-governmental agencies and educational institutions utilize marketing concepts and techniques in fulfilling their objectives. Prereq: grad st.

BUSMGMT 718 - Concepts and Practice of Nonprofit Management (3 units; G)
Characteristics and formation of nonprofit organizations; building effective boards of directors; board roles and responsibilities; conflicts of interest; evaluating nonprofit performance; grant writing, foundations, and fund-raising. Prereq: grad st.
BUSMGMT 721 - Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Philosophical thoughts on development; basics of fundraising; strategic planning and implementation. Prereq: grad st.
BUSMGMT 724 - Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Financial and managerial accounting topics for the nonprofit sector; relationship of these topics to finance, the legal environment of nonprofits, and mission of the organizations. Prereq: Grad st.

NONPROF 705 - Professionals and Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Seminar in techniques of management of professionals and volunteers in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit 705 & Pol Sci 705 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: grad st.
NONPROF 725 - Governance of Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Roles and responsibilities of governing boards and executive leaders. Critical review of alternative governance and executive leadership models. Counts as repeat of BusMgmt 725 and Pub Adm 958 w/same title. Prereq: grad st.
NONPROF 740 - Executive Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; G)
Nonprofit administration course designed to prepare students for a career in leadership and executive rules in nonprofit organizations. Counts as a repeat of Pub Adm 958 w/same topic. Prereq: grad st.
NONPROF 795 - Introduction to Nonprofit Revenue Streams and Portfolios (3 units; G)
Trends and issues surrounding nonprofit finance in an attempt to sketch a portrait of nonprofit finance theory. Counts as repeat of Pol Sci 958 & Pub Adm 958 w/ Financing Nonprofits topic. Prereq: grad st.