Courses Offered

Urban Planning Courses

BUS ADM 443 Special Topics in Human Resources Management:
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Selected topics in human resources management. Specific topics will appear in the Schedule of Classes whenever the course is offered.

BUS ADM 732 Transforming Organizations
3 cr. Graduate.
Combines individual and organizational-level analysis to provide insights into changing organizations. Topics include innovation, leadership, corporate cultures, and changing management from a broad view.

BUS ADM 737 Managerial Decisions and Negotiations
3 cr. Graduate.
Provides frameworks for making effective decisions and negotiating viable solutions. Improves performance in these key managerial roles by engaging in case study, exercises, and industry projects.

BUS ADM 738 Human Resource Management
3 cr. Graduate.
Strategies for attracting, retaining and developing a diverse and international workforce. Topics include employment law, diversity, staffing, training, performance management, compensation and current issues.

POL SCI 763 Scope and Dynamics of Public Administration
3 cr. Graduate.
The field of public administration, including organization theory, public management, the politics of administration, and the role of government in policy-making.

URBPLAN 630 Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Examination of the budgeting process in the public sector; development of skills in budgeting and financial management. Topics include capital budgeting, debt management, revenue forecasting, and auditing.

URBPLAN 701 Introduction to Land Use Planning
1 cr. Graduate.
Introduction to contemporary land use planning emphasizing the four primary tools of development regulation: comprehensive planning, zoning, subdivision regulation, and capital improvement programming.

URBPLAN 702 Introduction to Planning Law
2 cr. Graduate.
Constitutional and statutory authority for and limits on local government regulation of land use. Application of key concepts, including police power, due process, and property.

URBPLAN 711 Planning Theories and Practice
3 cr. Graduate.
Theories about how planners should act in the planning process. History, values, and ethics of the profession; methods of participation; discussion of power in planning.

URBPLAN 720 Urban Development Theory and Planning
3 cr. Graduate.
Spatial, social, economic, and political processes that shape urban development. Application of these processes to fomulate and critique urban plans and policies.

URBPLAN 721 Applied Planning Methods
3 cr. Graduate.
Data sources and analysis techniques for urban planning. Survey design, economic analyses, benefit/cost analysis, market areas; the complexities of public and private data sources.

URBPLAN 740 Data Analysis Methods I
3 cr. Graduate.
Application of quantitative methods most commonly used in urban planning and analysis of the built environment.

URBPLAN 751 Introduction to Urban Design and Physical Planning
3 cr. Graduate.
Planning for human needs as related to the physical layout and spatial design of urban environments.

URBPLAN 791 Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems for Planning
3 cr. Graduate.
Use of spatially related information including gis and land records systems for improved productivity and decision making in service delivery, management, policy-planning, and land development.

URBPLAN 810 Planning Policy Analysis
6 cr. Graduate.
Application of planning analysis tools in the context of policy issues involving planners; a case studies approach stressing both policy analysis and the role of the planner.

URBPLAN 811 Applied Planning Workshop
3 cr. Graduate.
Application of planning concepts, principles, processes and techniques to a selected realistic problem, issue, or project context at an appropriate scale ranging from the neighborhood to the state.

URBPLAN 857 Urban Design as Public Policy
3 cr. Graduate.
Orients students in urban planning to urban design problems as matters of public policy with focus on the analysis and implementation of urban design proposals rather than on the techniques used to generate such proposals.

URBPLAN 991 Legislative/Administrative Agency Internship
3-6 cr. Graduate.
Research project assignments with elected legislative officials and administrative agencies. Assignments will be cooperatively developed and supported by an integrating seminar discussing both experience and theory in a planning implementation context.