Zelazo Roofing Project

The Zelazo roofing project will begin next week. They will use the east end of the parking lot next to the building for staging materials and crane access, and may need some of the parking lot on the south side of the drive for materials.  The east parking entrance will be one lane during this time. They will also use the west loading area for crane access.

Additional schedule info follows –

  • August 31- September 4: At 7:00am, they will unload Carlisle materials, insulation, and set-up safety (parapet extenders and safety lines), locate the dumpsters, accept delivery of lifts and port-o-lets, and setup perimeter fencing.
  • September 8th – October 30th: (weather permitting) beginning working at 7:00am and working until approximately 5:00pm. Tear off the existing flat roof. Inspect vapor barrier and repair as necessary, adhere polyisocyanurate insulation and fully adhered EPDM Roofing daily to ensure the building is watertight. We would like to work Saturday’s and possibly Sunday’s if it rains during the week and is nicer on the weekends. We will start on Roofs 1 and continue onto Roofs 3, 7 and 8 and finish on roof 2.
  • September 21st -October 30: The tile roof installation will begin. We will be starting on the shingle roofs (5 &6) and work our way down to roof 4. We will ensure the building is water tight nightly.
  • Early November: Interior plaster repairs will begin assuming all roofing is complete. We will finish up detailing the roof membrane, install counter flashing sheet metal, coping caps and begin tearing down the fencing and safety. We will then schedule the final walk through and inspection with Carlisle. Depending upon Carlisle’s schedule, we should have everything complete (including paperwork) by the end of November.