Off-Campus Census

Take the census today!

This survey is expected to take no more than 2-5 minutes at most. Every UWM student and resident of the East Side of Milwaukee should complete this census survey. Neighborhood Housing staff will continue to solicit survey responses until we have gotten a response from each address within walking distance of campus. The deadline to complete the census is May 15, 2022.

All information from this survey will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold. All members of the East Side are encouraged to take this survey so we can get an accurate picture of UWM’s campus and surrounding community.  

If you have any questions regarding the use of this survey, please contact the UWM Neighborhood Housing Office at

For finishing the census, currently enrolled UWM students will be entered to win raffle prizes.

What is the census for?
The results of this census will be used to gain a deeper understanding of UWM’s campus and community. Furthermore we hope to use survey results to:
  • Define the boundaries of what areas are included in the definition of “Off-Campus”
  • Collect rental company ratings for the benefit of students
  • Support funding requests from UWM’s Student Association: Senate Finance Committee
  • Impact rental education topics for students
  • Support event date scheduling for future Housing Fairs and other programs
  • Ensure UWM students who live off-campus are getting the support they need
  • Learn more about UWM’s long-term resident neighbors in an effort to bridge the gap between student-tenants and long-term residents of the East Side.
Is this survey approved by UWM?

Chancellor’s Enrollment Management Action Team (CEMAT) Executive Committee has reviewed this survey’s intent and goal and has approved the distribution of this survey to campus.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle prizes available are: 

  • 2-pack of Summerfest Tickets
  • Coffee themed basket
  • Milwaukee themed basket
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Crossroads Collective gift card
  • Oriental Theatre gift card
  • $100 gift cards
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Magic Bullet Essential Personal Blender
  • UWM Gear baskets

Students must enter their email in order to be eligible for the raffle.

Raffle winners will be selected and contacted on Fridays starting in April and will have the entire next week to pick up their prize. 

Do all my roommates have to complete the census if I complete it for my house/apartment?

Students who live with roommates should each individually take the census. It is important that each household/address complete the census at least once. This will help UWM’s Neighborhood Housing Office determine the boundaries for what is considered “Off-Campus” and may impact funding for off-campus services for UWM students.

Why are we administering a census survey for campus?

Students are not required to report their local address to the University in PAWS, and many leave their address as their permanent/home/parental address. This presents challenges when reporting data to campus and the UW System. Additionally, for programs we often need to know which off-campus units are student-occupied.

Are non-students supposed to take the survey?
Yes! Anyone who believes they live on the East Side of Milwaukee should complete this survey.
Should students living in the residence halls take the surveys?

Yes! While we do have better data for our residence hall students, we still want them to complete the survey as there are some questions regarding the search for off-campus housing.

What types of questions are asked in the survey?

We are requesting address information from all respondents to determine if each property is occupied by students or non-student long-term residents.

We are also looking for information regarding:

  • Students’ timeline for searching for an off-campus rental
  • Landlord feedback
  • Students’ perspective on whether they are an off-campus student or a commuter student or otherwise.
  • Whether students lived in University Housing before moving off-campus
  • The number of off-campus rentals students have lived in during their time as a student
  • Whether or not students use financial aid for rent
  • If students felt pressured to sign a lease by their landlord
How often will this survey be administered?

2022 is the inaugural year of the off-campus census. The goal is to administer this survey every 2 years to maintain an up to date picture of the off-campus environment.