Teaching Faculty 100% Certified for Online and Hybrid

Online and Blended Teaching Program in Bold Print over a half-closed laptop

UWM Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CETL) offers specialized training for all teaching faculty and staff entitled, “Online and Blended Teaching Program.” The workshop provides UWM educators with strategies for planning and teaching online and hybrid courses at UWM. Although programming was previously offered face-to-face, the pandemic resulted in the need for virtual learning to be provided as asynchronous and synchronous workshops.

UWM College of Nursing is proud to announce that all nursing instructors teaching in Fall 2020 completed this workshop series. The College takes pride in its instructors for their continued commitment to student success and the ability to adapt to teaching modalities while maintaining learning outcomes. Through these workshops, instructors gained new teaching approaches, planned for alternate modes of instruction, and maximized student learning experiences.

Dr. Dylan Barth, CETL Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant explained, “The program’s goal is to provide UWM instructors with practical pedagogical strategies for teaching online courses. These strategies are informed by research in the field of online learning and the experiences of CETL staff and UWM instructors from a wide range of disciplines. The Online and Blended Teaching Program hopes to provide effective teaching practices in a mix-and-match format to meet the varying training needs and preferences of UWM instructors.” He went on to share, “The rapid shift to online in Spring 2020 led to many UWM instructors reflecting more broadly on how they teach, so the program offers strategies that promote active engagement online that can be implemented right away. As a result, I believe we will see a very positive impact on student success. “

UWM College of Nursing congratulates all 45 of our teaching instructors who took the time out of their summer to complete these workshops to ensure a successful Fall semester for our students.