Retirement Farewells

UWM College of Nursing is wishing several employees a happy retirement!  After the Spring 2020 semester came to an end, the College celebrated the farewells virtually.

Dr. Julie Darmody – Clinical Associate Professor will retire after 13 years at UWM.  She is certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in adult health and has been the CNS option coordinator for 11 years.  She also served as Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Director for a total of 4 years. She has served as a committee chair and advisor/mentor for many students completing the DNP project.  As DNP Program Director, she led the first offering of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program and also the initial development of an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program.

Rhoda Hoeft – Faculty Associate retired after 17 years at UWM. Rhoda worked in the Nursing Learning Resource Center, working primarily with undergraduate students, where she provided clinical simulation instruction. She also helped with the UWM College of Nursing Community Paramedics program.

Amy Karioris – Faculty Associate retired after 20 years at UWM.  Amy worked in the Nursing Learning Resource Center, specializing in clinical simulation and skills instruction and testing. Amy has worked closely with every undergraduate student to prepare them for roles in clinical nursing.

Sheryl Kelber – Biostatistician retired in June 2020 after 32 years of service to UWM students and faculty. She provided many hours of assistance to graduate students as they learned statistical analysis for research. She was an integral part of the Harriet Werley Center for Nursing Research and Evaluation and we’ve lost count of the number of research projects in which she has played a role.

Dr. Kay Jansen – Undergraduate Program Director and Clinical Professor retired in June 2020 after 23 years at UWM. Dr. Jansen has led the undergraduate program for the last four years, which included implementing a concept-based curriculum, holistic admission process to the professional major, a professional behavior expectation policy, and much more.

Lisa Mihlbauer – Clinical Associate Professor and Director of RN-to-BSN Completion Programs will be retiring in August 2020 after 40 years of working at UWM College of Nursing. Lisa taught OB Clinical for over 25 years but most recently played a key role in our RN education.  Lisa helped in the creation of the UW Flex option and has been the Capstone faculty member for all 170 FLEX RN to BSN graduates.

Congratulations again to each of you on your retirements.  UWM College of Nursing students, staff, faculty and alumni will miss you very much!