As part of UWM’s long-term strategic planning, several UWM schools and colleges are being realigned. The process is underway and will be effective July 1, 2023.
Learn more about how the realignment will impact the College of Nursing.

Retirement Farewells

congratulations with confetti

UWM College of Nursing is wishing several employees a very happy retirement!  This spring and summer, the College celebrates the following individuals on their well-earned retirements.

  • Tim Ehlinger, William Collins Kohler chair in systems change and peacebuilding and associate professor
  • Jeanne Erickson, associate professor
  • Sarah Morgan, clinical associate professor
  • Linda Romanski, clinical assistant professor
  • Kathleen Scheinost, clinical instructor

Retired Before Spring 2022

In the last year, we also bid farewell to the following individuals who retired from UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing.  

  • Jean Bell-Calvin, clinical assistant professor and nursing center director
  • Jim Bumby, clinical assistant professor
  • Michele Faltinson, clinical instructor
  • Sandra Underwood, professor