Retirement Farewells

congratulations with confetti

UWM College of Nursing is wishing several employees a very happy retirement!  This spring and summer, the College celebrates the following individuals on their well-earned retirements.

  • Tim Ehlinger, William Collins Kohler chair in systems change and peacebuilding and associate professor
  • Jeanne Erickson, associate professor
  • Sarah Morgan, clinical associate professor
  • Linda Romanski, clinical assistant professor
  • Kathleen Scheinost, clinical instructor

Retired Before Spring 2022

In the last year, we also bid farewell to the following individuals who retired from UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing.  

  • Jean Bell-Calvin, clinical assistant professor and nursing center director
  • Jim Bumby, clinical assistant professor
  • Michele Faltinson, clinical instructor
  • Sandra Underwood, professor