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Midwest Nursing Research Conference: Awards and Highlights

Students and faculty discussing research poster at MNRS

The 2022 Midwest Nursing Research conference was held in Illinois in late March, allowing students, faculty and researchers to gather to discuss new research and connect on a level that hadn’t been done in the last two years.

UWM College of Nursing had over 25 representatives present posters and abstracts during the conference, and three members received recognition for their scholarly work.

Distinguished Abstract

Suzanne Kreuziger in front of her poster at MNRS
Suzanne Kreuziger

Suzanne Kreuziger, UWM Doctoral Student, received the Distinguished Abstract recognition for the abstract entitled “Nurse Educators’ Attitudes toward Students with Mental Health concerns: An Integrative Review.” The abstract is a qualitative study of nursing instructors’ perceptions of students with mental health concerns. Using the Whittemore and Knafl integrative review method, Kreuziger conducted a broader review of publications that included perspectives from instructors in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. Kreuziger shared, “At first, I thought the announcement email was fake and still to this day, it doesn’t feel real that I was one of 13 abstracts recognized. The conference was amazing, yet overwhelming, and it’s like a big reunion for nursing researchers from networking to listening to presentations.”

Senior Scientist Award from the Family Health Research & Implementation Interest Group (RIIG)

Michele Polfuss with award next to Natalie McAndrew
Michele Polfuss (left)

Dr. Michele Polfuss, UWM College of Nursing Associate Professor, received the Senior Scientist Award from the Family Health Research & Implementation Interest Group for her work focusing on pediatric obesity in children with special needs and the role of family through parenting and feeding practices. Dr. Polfuss shared, “I am extremely honored to be selected with this award on behalf of the Family Health RIIG. My mentors, collaborators, and participants are key to our success. It is exciting to see the new discoveries in science we are making as a team.”

New Investigator Award from the Population Health Research & Implementation Interest Group (RIIG)

Joshua Gwon with Award at MNRS
Joshua Gwon

Dr. Joshua Gwon, UWM College of Nursing Assistant Professor, received the New​/Early Career Investigator Award from the Population Health Research & Implementation Interest Group for his program of research in the area of high-risk health behaviors in young adults related to ​tobacco use. His research includes studying cognitive characteristics of e-cigarette users including attentional bias toward tobacco-related stimuli. Dr. Gwon shared, “I am so honored to receive this award from the ​Population Health RIIG. The team I have worked with for the last few years have allowed me the ability to discover new ways to look at tobacco use in emerging adults. It is exciting to be recognized with this award.”

UWM College of Nursing presenters included the following, in alphabetical order:

Tala AbuZahra
Musab Almanaseer
Lisa Brennan
Mary McMahon Bullis
Alison Camarda
Leticia Costa
Imteyaz Eljarrah
Jeanne Erickson
Anwar Eyadat
Megan Galske
Cynthia Gonzalez
Jeana Holt
Aisha Kendrick
Dorothy Kent
Suzanne Kreuziger
Chris Peters
Michele Polfuss
Ashley Rainey
Audrey Roach
Karyn Roberts
Jessica Rotier
Christina Sima
Murad Taani
AkkeNeel Talsma
Raghad Tawalbeh
Janelle Theisen
Pamela Treisman
Stephanie Uhr