Congratulations UWM Daisy Award Recipients

UWM College of Nursing congratulates Karen Hartje, Lisa Mihlbauer and Mandy Sheriff, who recently were recognized for their commitment and inspirational influence on their students.

The DAISY Faculty Award is a national recognition program. Honorees are nominated by their peers, students, school administrators, alumni, and clinical staff in the hospitals where faculty have students.

Dr. Karen Hartje nomination letter from a student read, “Educators like Karen are the reason student nurses are successful. Dr. Karen Hartje encompasses what it means to be an educator, and I feel that should not go unnoticed. She has helped me and other students tremendously in the journey through nursing school, and I cannot thank her enough for that. Dr. Karen Hartje has used her time at UWM to impact student’s lives and go above and beyond for their success, making her the perfect candidate for the Daisy Award.”

Lisa Mihlbauer had a nomination put forth by her colleague that read ““Lisa has been one of the most innovative academic edge runners I have I have had the honor to know…Lisa has touched the lives and careers of literally thousands of students and has always provided the highest quality education while pushing boundaries and stretching our profession and our University in ways that help us reach more students where students want and can learn.”

Mandy Sheriff’s nomination from a colleague stated, “Mandy exemplifies passion and creativity for teaching nursing courses. She was instrumental in contributing to the revisions foundational for a concept-based nursing curriculum. She demonstrates clinical support at the senior level and collaborates with Instructional Academic staff across all levels as the Roles Course Coordinator. Mandy engages senior nursing students in the Transition course and Professional role course within class dialogues and creative assignments that challenge students to “think like a nurse”.”

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