Health Promotion and Wellness

The Health Promotion & Wellness department at UWM is focused on enabling students to take control of their own health and achieve their full health potential. Using evidence-based practices and collaborating with a range of campus and community partners, we provide initiatives, services, and resources that support student learning, well-being and the UWM experience.

The Health Promotion and Wellness department is located on the 5th Floor of the Northwest Quadrant on the Kenwood campus. The department is staffed by health promotion professionals with backgrounds in nursing, counseling, education, and public health.

We are busy constructing a new website to highlight the programs and services available to you. The following is a brief description of what we offer.


Victim Advocacy: Our confidential Victim Advocate can help you understand and navigate your options of services for students who have been impacted by sexual and/or relationship violence. If you would like to speak with a UWM Victim/Survivor Advocate, contact 414-229-4582 or

Alcohol & Other Drugs: UWM’s BASICS program offers students the opportunity to examine their use of and experiences with alcohol and/or other drugs in a nonjudgmental and confidential setting. The goal is to help students make substance use decisions that result in fewer negative consequences. For more information, call 414-229-3712, or visit:

Health and Wellness Consultations: Want to quit using tobacco? Have questions about nutrition or fitness? Individual wellness consultations are available. For more information contact Colleen Bernstein at

Flu Clinics: Norris Health Center in partnership with the College of Nursing, Union Marketing and Programming, Union Operations and University Housing, offers Flu Clinic each Fall semester. Look for current Flu Clinic dates posted around campus! For more information, email Colleen Bernstein at


Peer Health Educators

Peer Health Educators develop and present a variety of educational programs and materials for UWM students on a variety of health and wellness topics.

For more information or to schedule a Peer Health Educator program: Call Brian Stahlkopf, Peer Health Educator Supervisor, at 414-229-2919, or e-mail

For information on upcoming events, visit our Facebook page – @UWMPeerHealthEducators

Bystander Intervention Training

Alcohol & Other Drugs:

Red Watch Band – Learn to recognize signs of an alcohol overdose and how to respond when someone has had too much to drink. This interactive training increases students’ knowledge, skills and confidence to take appropriate action when a person’s life may depend on it.

The department administers the required ‘Alcohol Wise’ program for new students. If you have questions about the program, email

For information on other available AOD educational programs, contact Susan Cushman at

Sexual Violence Prevention:

Bringing in the Bystander – Training is a program that enables students to help the UWM community in the intervention and prevention of sexual and relationship violence. Students will learn how to identify common behaviors of abuse, increase their empathy for survivors, and understand how community members can play a role in reducing violence. For more information, email Earnest Goggins at

The department also delivers and evaluates the required Think About It on-line training for all students. If you have any questions about the training, email

Mental Health Outreach:

Student Connect is a bystander intervention program that enables students to help fellow students in emotional distress. Through this program, students become familiar with some basic facts related to college student mental health, understand the warning signs of emotional distress, be prepared to support someone in crisis, and learn how to refer fellow students to the appropriate campus resources. For questions, concerns, or to request a training for your student, staff or faculty group, please contact Lori Bokowy at

Looking to schedule a mental health-related workshop or training? All mental health outreach requests can be submitting using the form found here: 


HPW staff members are available to provide programs and presentations on various health-related topics such as: Norris Health Center services, stress management, crisis intervention, substance abuse and misuse, decision making, tobacco cessation, healthy relationships, sexual health, trauma impact, relationship violence, nutrition, fitness, and more!

If you are interested in a program/presentation, please