Peer Health Educators are UWM students who develop and facilitate educational programs and materials on a variety of relevant health and wellness topics. Our programs aim to educate students, empower them to make positive health behaviors, promote self-awareness, and encourage decisions that positively impact their health and well-being, and that of their UWM community.

Peer Health Educators facilitate workshops, presentations, games and activities, and tabling events across campus. Our offerings include evidence-based and evidence-informed programs, program collaboration with campus partners, and tailoring programs to fit the needs of specific student groups.

  • We offer information and tips for making positive health choices through the Student Health and Wellness Center website, campus bulletin boards, audio, visual and print materials, and social media.
  • Whether you are interested in exploring one particular health topic, or if you have a general curiosity about all aspects of health and well-being, the Peer Health Educators offer services for the following topics:
    • Sexual Health
    • Mental and Emotional Health
    • Alcohol and Other Drugs
    • Nutrition, Movement and Body Image
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Sleep
    • Infectious Disease

De-stress, not Distress
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Let’s take a break! As busy college students, experiencing stress is common. The impact of ongoing or unresolved stress can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability, poor concentration, physical illness, fatigue, and sleep difficulties. In this workshop, we will discuss the stressors in our lives, reflect on the tools and strategies we currently use to cope and take care of ourselves, and explore new ways to proactively manage stress.

Swipe Safely
Duration: 50 minutes
Description: Join the Peer Health Educators for a conversation on dating apps, safety features, and tips to keep yourself safe while messaging and meeting people online. We’ll explore safety features of dating apps and practice “swiping” on fake dating profiles.

Snack & Chat
Duration: 50 minutes
Description: Join the Peer Health Educators for a conversation about the variety of relationships we see in entertainment. We’ll watch clips from popular shows and movies and discuss what makes a relationship healthy. Snacks will be provided!

Eating On a Time Crunch
Duration: 40 minutes
Description: Finding time to cook and eat nutritious foods as a busy college student is hard! In this workshop, we’ll discuss tips for sneaking in nutritious foods during a busy schedule, tips for meal prepping, and packing lunches. By the end of it, you’ll also have made your own recipe book!

Journaling for Body Acceptance
Duration: 50 minutes
Description: In this workshop, students can explore various styles of journaling and find one that meets their interests. We’ll discuss using journaling as a form of self-care to help students better express their thoughts and reflect on them. The focus of this workshop is on body acceptance and body neutrality, and how journaling can be an outlet for reflecting on your relationship with your body.

Condom Olympics
Duration: 50 minutes
Description: Learn about safe sex practices, consent, and sexual wellness in this interactive program. Test your knowledge with trivia and interactive games!

SMART Goals and Vision Boards
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Are you in a period of transition? Are you working toward a particular goal? Maybe you have big dreams but don’t know where to start. In this program, the Peer Health Educators will walk you through how to set SMART goals, how to break down big dreams into more manageable and attainable goals, and create a vision board as a reminder of where you are headed!

Enthusiastic Consent
Duration: 30-45 minutes 
Description: Consent should be verbal, ongoing, and enthusiastic! In this interactive and informative workshop, we’ll discuss how consent can enhance a sexual experience, examine the meaning of enthusiastic consent, and practice communicating it. 

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