Although there is no formal Ph.D. program in Neuroscience at UWM, graduate students pursue interdisciplinary neuroscience coursework and independent neuroscience research leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. in Biological Sciences or Psychology.

Neuroscience research in Biological Sciences employs molecular genetic approaches to understand cellular mechanisms that underlie brain development, neuronal regeneration, and neurodevelopmental disorders employing vertebrate and invertebrate model organisms. More information on neuroscience faculty in Biological Science can be found here.

Within Psychology, research interests span both behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, with faculty studying the neurobiology of learning and memory, emotion, and attention in mice, rats, and humans. More information on neuroscience faculty in Psychology can be found here.

Prospective students should apply to either program, with the choice of department determined by the student’s specific interests and choice of faculty advisor. Specific admissions requirements and instructions may be through the departmental links above.