Preferred Tenant Program

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Neighborhood Housing Office seeks to educate students about living off-campus while also enhancing community involvement. The PTP offers a series of educational seminars for student renters. The seminars are designed to provide students with fundamental resources and knowledge about living off-campus. Completion of the program offers incentives to the Preferred Tenant from specific landlords and property management companies.

Why should students sign up?

In addition to the invaluable education you will receive on tenant’s rights and resources, you will receive either $250 off your security deposit or 2% off your monthly rent from participating landlords. Landlords indicate their choice(s) on the NHO Listing Service. We suggest Preferred Tenant status is indicated on your lease.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn their rights and responsibilities as tenants and be able to implement this knowledge by achieving the following learning outcomes. During the Preferred Tenant Program, participating students will:

  1. Define what it means to be a good neighbor by examining past experiences and comparing those experiences to their peers.
  2. Identify positive and negative outcomes that could result from their actions or inactions as a student tenant, roommate, neighbor, and community-member.
  3. Examine the common challenges and misconceptions associated with renting and living off-campus in the community surrounding UWM.
  4. Make a plan for the search and selection of a rental property in accordance with    the typical rental timeline, culture, and ordinances of the city of Milwaukee.
  5. Identify resources and information that they can use to protect themselves before and after signing a lease.

How do I become a Preferred Tenant?

You must be a UWM student and complete one PTP session. Once you complete the classes you will receive a card to identify you as a Preferred Tenant to participating landlords. You will receive a card with your name confirming you are a Preferred Tenant.

How do I know which Landlords participate in the Preferred Tenant Program?

When calling Landlords to ask about their property and/or set up a showing, this is a great time to ask if they participate in the Preferred Tenant Program. Another way is through our NHO Listing Service website under the advanced search options tab. There is a box you can check and only the Landlords and their properties that participate in the PTP will show up.

Is there a cost to attend?

Because we are student segregated fee funded, this program is offered at no cost for students, and includes free food.
This program does cost a significant amount to host per student – typically $100-$200. Please only sign-up if you are committed to attending the program.

*If you get a friend to sign up and attend, you will be entered to win a prize!

Program Partners 

Neighborhood Housing Office, University Legal Clinic, Dean of Students Office, UWM Police Department, Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services.

When are the Preferred Tenant Sessions taking place?

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Landlord/Rental Company Information:

Landlords and rental companies participating in this program with UWM agree to provide a discount of 2% off monthly rent and/or $250 off security deposits to tenants who have completed the Preferred Tenant Program class.

Tenants receive a signed certificate card that is good as long as they are a student at UWM. Student-tenants in the course learn about rental rights and responsibilities. These are must-rent-to tenants who want to have a positive experience living in the neighborhood. ​

Landlords interested in participating in this program should contact Tom Burns at Rent College Pads to have the Preferred Tenant Program Badge added to their properties on the listing service site.

Email or call (414) 299-6999 with questions about how the program works!

Preferred Tenant Program Participating Rental Companies

  • 1463 North Franklin Place LLC
  • 2948 North Newhall Street
  • 3284 North Shepard LLC
  • A Class Act
  • Aaron Godfrey Rental Company
  • Addison Faul
  • Andre Baerri
  • Andrea Loppnow
  • Andrew Kendler
  • Ann Biersteker
  • Ann Tilque
  • Amy L. Speller
  • Austin and Ashley Bishop Rental Company
  • Barbara Cooley
  • Barbara Leigh
  • Barbara Pick
  • Bear Paw Management
  • Becky Moosbrugger
  • Ben Havinga
  • Benjamin Wollman Rental Company
  • Bieck Management
  • BG Lein Management
  • Bowers Trust
  • Bueno Enterprises
  • Carlton Brown
  • Carol Reminga Steeno
  • Cathy Miskowski
  • Cheryl & Tom Retzlaff
  • Chris Johnson Rental Company
  • Chris & Patty Peck
  • Clara Dugan
  • Clark-Downer LLC
  • Costello Properties
  • Craig Konkle
  • Dain Johnson
  • DAK Properties
  • Daniel and Ann Diliberti
  • Debbie Dahl
  • Decker Properties
  • Denise K. O’Hara
  • Denisse Voelkner
  • Derek Goodman
  • Desired Properties
  • Downer Commons LLC
  • DNL Investment Group
  • East River LLC
  • Eastside Property Management LLC
  • Elite Properties, Inc
  • Elizabeth Longo
  • Emily C High Rental Company
  • Eric & Lynn Miller Rental Company
  • Eric Waldron
  • Erik Hollman
  • Erik J Lomas
  • Euginia Botshtein
  • Fox Properties LLC
  • Fran Cheney
  • Francis X. Baron
  • Frank Orlando
  • Fred and Nadine Stoltz
  • Frederick Apartments LLC
  • GatoCity LLC
  • Hamilton & Associates
  • Hand Investments
  • Houck Homes
  • J. Gerard Capell
  • James Cigan
  • James Gullickson
  • Jana Rusk
  • Jane Porath Dennis Grzezinski
  • Jee Properties
  • Jeff Bass
  • Jeff Cartier
  • Jeff Gaudes
  • Jess Favela
  • Jill and Jarod Newman
  • Joel Blaeser
  • John F. Bleidorn & Chris Beimborn
  • John Gilligan Rental Company
  • John Hayes
  • Jomela Property Management
  • Julie Hugg Rental Company
  • K Hawk Mahoney
  • Karen Mann
  • Kasdorf Property Management LLC
  • Kathleen M Hanley
  • Katherine Strycker
  • Ken Wick
  • Kenneth Leinbach
  • Kevin Flaherty
  • KH East Side Apartments
  • Lake Crest Apartments
  • Langdon Downer LLC
  • Leah Leone
  • Lilac Properties LLC
  • Linda Mistele
  • Lisa Dehler
  • Luci & Steve Klebar
  • Marco Briceno
  • Maria and Frank Fazzari
  • Mark Schonenberg
  • Marshall Dixon
  • Marty Frinzi
  • Mary Carter
  • Mary Kay Waldman
  • Mary-Kate Uy
  • Mary Theisen
  • McG Properties
  • Meghan Miles
  • Metro Investments
  • M&I Properties
  • Michael Ross
  • Michael Sherwood
  • Mike Rasuli
  • Miranda Etzel
  • Mitcham Enterprises LLC
  • MPI Property Management
  • N&N Properties
  • Neil Johnson
  • New Land Enterprises, LLP
  • Northland Apartments Company
  • Ogden & Company Inc.
  • Page Appraisals
  • Palmetto LLC
  • Pat Leaf
  • Patricia Aaron
  • Patricia Macias
  • Patrick Scheller
  • Paul Moriarity
  • Paul Stafford
  • Pech Property Investments
  • Peter Papara
  • Pinnacle Enterprises
  • Phil Gruber
  • Phillip Pearl
  • Porch Light Property Management LLC
  • Randy Soudah
  • Rani Elhajjar
  • Richard Comeau
  • Richard Monroe
  • Rita M. Lohmeier
  • Robert Hucke
  • Ruth Ingram-Calvin
  • Sean Burns Rental Company
  • Select Property Group
  • Scot Henry
  • Scott Fortney
  • Scott Tucker
  • Shawnette Smart
  • Shelleen Greene
  • SK Investments
  • Skilled Workermen LLC
  • Smart Asset Realty
  • Solochek Investments
  • Stefan Schneiker
  • Stephen Basson
  • Steve Jacobus
  • Steven Swetlik
  • Strehlow Realty
  • Structure Property Management LLC
  • Stuart Davis
  • Sura Faraj
  • Tammy Babisch
  • Ted Baszler
  • Ted Shaar
  • TC Lin
  • Thomas Brittain
  • Thomas Neumann
  • TJ McCormick
  • Ting Ting
  • Violetta Schapiro
  • Vivify Ventures LLC
  • Weide Realty LLC Property Management
  • Wellston Apartments
  • William and Katherine Strycker
  • Windermere Properties
  • Woodstone Investments Inc.
  • Yongzhao Liu