Preferred Tenant Program

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Neighborhood Housing Office seeks to educate students about living off-campus while also enhancing community involvement. The PTP offers a series of educational seminars for student renters. The seminars are designed to provide students with fundamental resources and knowledge about living off-campus. Completion of the program offers incentives to the Preferred Tenant from specific landlords and property management companies.

Why should students sign up?

In addition to the invaluable education you will receive on tenant’s rights and resources, you will receive either $250 off your security deposit or 2% off your monthly rent from participating landlords. Landlords indicate their choice(s) on the NHO Listing Service.    We suggest Preferred Tenant status is indicated on your lease.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn their rights and responsibilities as tenants and be able to implement this knowledge by achieving the following learning outcomes. During the Preferred Tenant Program, participating students will:

  1. Define what it means to be a good neighbor by examining past experiences and comparing those experiences to their peers.
  2. Identify positive and negative outcomes that could result from their actions or inactions as a student tenant, roommate, neighbor, and community-member.
  3. Examine the common challenges and misconceptions associated with renting and living off-campus in the community surrounding UWM.
  4. Make a plan for the search and selection of a rental property in accordance with    the typical rental timeline, culture, and ordinances of the city of Milwaukee.
  5. Identify resources and information that they can use to protect themselves before and after signing a lease.

How do I become a Preferred Tenant?

You must be a UWM student and complete one PTP session.  Once you complete the classes you will receive a card to identify you as a Preferred Tenant to participating landlords. You will receive a card with your name confirming you are a Preferred Tenant.

Is there a cost to attend? 

Because we are student segregated fee funded, this program is offered at no cost for students, and includes free food.
This program does cost a significant amount to host per student – typically $100-$200. Please only sign-up if you are committed to attending the program.

*If you get a friend to sign up and attend, you will be entered to win a prize!

Program Partners 

Neighborhood Housing Office, University Legal Clinic, Dean of Students Office, UWM Police Department, Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services.

When are the Preferred Tenant Sessions taking place?

Monday, April 15th, 2019 from 5-8pm in Northwest Quadrant Room 1871

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 from 3:30-6:30pm in Union 183

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 from 4-7pm in Sandburg Flicks

(All sessions will include snacks/food)

Preferred Tenant Program Participant Registration

    Sign Up Today! Limited space is available.
  • Please share with us any accommodations necessary to help you be a successful participant. Additionally, dinner will be provided, please describe any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have.

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