Preferred Tenant Program

Preferred Tenant ProgramAll students should complete the Preferred Tenant Program (PTP) before moving off-campus. PTP is a free, self-paced rental education course offered online through Canvas.

In person PTP sessions will be offered in the Spring 2022 semester. Keep an eye out for sign up forms for these sessions!

This program provides students with the knowledge they need to become successful student tenants. Students who complete the program will also be offered discounts ($250 off security deposit and/or 2% off monthly rent) on their rent from participating landlords (see below for the list).

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Neighborhood Housing Office seeks to educate students about living off-campus while also enhancing community involvement. Completion of the program offers incentives to the Preferred Tenant from specific landlords and property management companies.

Program partners include the University Legal Clinic, Dean of Students Office, UWM Police Department, Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services

Enroll in the Preferred Tenant Program

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will learn their rights and responsibilities as tenants and be able to implement this knowledge by achieving the following learning outcomes. During the Preferred Tenant Program, participating students will:

  1. Students will list five renting resources available to them as they become student-tenants that they can use as needed throughout the rental process.
  2. Students will describe safe behaviors and how these behaviors can be used to promote a safe living environment off-campus.
  3. Students will recall the steps of the rental process to create an actionable plan for moving and living off-campus.
  4. Students will classify what off-campus behaviors will demonstrate responsibility as a good neighbor and good tenant.
  5. Students will describe the City of Milwaukee rules and regulations that will impact their decisions throughout their rental process.

Landlord/Rental Company Information:

How to join the program

Landlords and rental companies participating in this program with UWM agree to provide a discount of 2% off monthly rent and/or $250 off security deposits to tenants who have completed the Preferred Tenant Program class.

Tenants receive a lease addendum to certify they have completed the course and are eligible for the discount on rent, that is good as long as they are a student at UWM. Student-tenants in the course learn about rental rights and responsibilities. These are must-rent-to tenants who want to have a positive experience living in the neighborhood. ​

Landlord/Rental Company Registration

Preferred Tenant Program Participating Landlords

Rental Company/ Landlord NameGood Neighbor ParticipantPreferred Tenant Program ParticipantPreferred Tenant DiscountInternational Student Friendly Landlord
JK Partners LLCYesNoN/ANo
Mick YeeYesNoN/ANo
David GottfriedYesNoN/ANo
3558-3560 CramerYesYes$250 off security depositNo
Ben HeinenYesYes$250 off security depositNo
Lawerence and Rita BurnsYesYes $250 off security depositNo
Lynn QuirkYesYes $250 off security depositNo
Andres Real EstateYesYes$250 off security deposit or 2% off monthly rentYes
University Christian MinistriesYesNoN/ANo
The EastsiderNoYes$250 off security depositNo
Wellston ApartmentsNo Yes2% off monthly rentNo
Northland ApartmentsYesYes$250 off security depositYes
Eastmore Real EstateNoYes$250 off security depositNo

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