Meet L&S Web and Data

New LS Web and Data website screenshot

How We Got Here

Screen shot of LS Web and Data's new websiteOn June 11, 2019, members of the L&S IT Office who were providing Academic and Research Computing Support transitioned to the new Integrated Shared Services (ISS) Information Technology unit formally named Campus Technology Support (CTS).

CTS was initially formed through the combination of portions of UITS Client Services, the L&S IT Office, Student Affairs IT Services, and BATO IT. This merged unit, along those additional IT professionals who joined during the Hub 2 phase, will provide Help Desk, Desktop Support and Classroom Services to the entire UWM community.

Who We Are Now

The L&S IT Office will now be known as L&S Web and Data in recognition of the changes of IT support delivery on campus as part of the ISS. For the past year L&S has had the pleasure of being recipients of technology support from the CTS unit.

As a result of these reorganization efforts, a natural delineation of service has emerged that would be typically associated with an IT Office, some of which are provided by CTS, and some which are provided by those that remained in L&S. This division of responsibilities helped lead us to the new name of L&S Web and Data. You will find our new home page at Please update any LSITO bookmarks to reflect these changes.

Who Supports What?

CTS will support the following at
• Software and Hardware
• Access and Permissions
• IT Purchasing
• Classrooms

– – – – –

L&S Web and Data will support the following at
• Website Development
• Web Applications
• Instructional Technology
• Research Computing
• Data Reporting

What Can I Expect From L&S Web and Data?

Here are three ways we focus on serving the College of Letters and Science:

1) Support:

Our team offers support and service in five specific areas listed above. In each of these areas, we are ready and able to assist you with support that includes troubleshooting and updates. We also offer the creation and maintenance of sites and apps, as well as meaningful information from data report.

2) Training:

We provide training for most of the products we are tasked with supporting. For example, our Instructional Technologist offers both one-to-one training and department workshops for several pedagogical tech tools. Training for for certain roles in the WordPress environment and for application maintenance are also available. Whether through one-to-one discussions, thorough documentation, or tutorial videos, we are ready to empower you to feel confident in using the tools provided to you.

3) Information:

Through our monthly News articles, we plan to keep you apprised of best practices for product use, handy tips, and newsworthy goings on in our department. Articles will include such topics as ADA-compliance for accessibility, marketing to your target audience(s), employee profiles, and more.

Using these three pillars of engagement with the College, and in conjunction with CTS, we are well-positioned to provide top-notch support and service to the entirety of the L&S family.

Let Us Hear From You

Make plans to visit our site the first Friday of every month, when we will publish our new articles. If you have suggestions for a topic that would benefit or be of interest to everyone, please write to and let us know.