WUWM Radio: Kosher/Soul Food

Culinary historian Michael Twitty believes there is a distinction shared by the two culinary traditions he identifies with. Twitty is both African-American and Jewish, and his “Kosher/Soul” project makes the point that the two traditions use food to tell a story in a way that most other traditions do not.

Joel Berkowitz Interview

Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project is a collection of interviews with people of all ages and backgrounds, whose stories about the legacy and changing nature of Yiddish language and culture offer a rich and complex chronicle of Jewish… Read More

PaknTreger Interviews Berkowitz

In summer 2014, PaknTreger (Magazine of the Yiddish Book Center) posted the article “Considering Yiddish Theater: Past, Present, Future” by guest editor David Mazower. In the article, Mazower interviewed Joel Berkowitz on his research into Yiddish Theatre.