Winners of the Annual Department of Global Studies Ian Elliot Award

Michael McCutcheon

Global Studies Communications/Anthropology Major

French Minor

“I am grateful for the Ian Elliot scholarship this semester. 100% of the award will be going towards my study abroad this summer to Paris. This is fulfilling a dream many years in the making. I plan to work in the future as an international Anthropology professor and research assistant; as well as doing translation work. I hope to assist developing nations in having greater access to more educational opportunities and to assist in the equitable and accurate recording of their history. My longer-term goals are to work within the field of Ethnomusicology. I hope to study and share the similarities within the common thread found within human diversity.”


Brandon Classey

Global Communications and Japanese

“Hello! My name is Brandon Classey. I’m Majoring in Global Communications and Japanese and I’ll be studying abroad at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan this fall. I’m so grateful to have been awarded the Ian Elliot scholarship as it will help me offset the current expense of travel costs to Japan. During my year in Nanzan’s Intensive Japanese Program, I hope to continue to improve my Japanese fluency and learn about the country and its culture firsthand, so I can eventually use that knowledge to pursue a career in the future as a professional in international company abroad.”