Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for Undergraduates

UWM’s Center for International Education has been awarded prestigious Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship grants by the US Department of Education. Totaling $1.7 million over four years, beginning AY 2018/19, the grants will support a series of interconnected initiatives to strengthen UWM and Wisconsin K-16 students’ participation in meaningful study of languages and global issues. FLAS Fellowships will support undergraduates’ intermediate or advanced level (200-level or higher) studies of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese*, or Russian.

There are two types of Fellowship and students may apply for one or both:

Academic Year 2019/20- FLAS Fellowships: up to $15,000 for full-time undergraduates enrolled in language and internationally-focused studies. Application Form

The Summer 2019 Intensive Language Fellowship awards up to $7,500 for intensive summer study of a language, at an approved US or overseas language program. Application Form

APPLICATION DEADLINES: 4:30pm February 15, 2019

Complete applications must include:

  1. Application Form and Personal Statement.
  2. Unofficial Undergraduate Transcript.
  3. FLAS Recommendation Form completed and submitted by UWM instructor(s). Reference Form
  4. Plan of study information (for applicants studying abroad or attending a language program during the Fellowship award period).

Applications should be emailed or delivered to Jeremy Booth (jabooth@uwm.edu or Garland Hall Room 138).

*Undergraduates studying Portuguese can apply for an Academic Year FLAS award through the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Please see their website for details.

Students may wish to refer to the list of suggested summer intensive language programs, to ensure that the program they choose meets the US Department of Education requirements. Programs listed are not guaranteed approval by the US Department of Education but are suggested based on their advertised information.

Students who plan to study abroad during their FLAS Fellowship period will need to apply for their study abroad program through CIE’s Study Abroad Office.

The US Department of Education limits individuals to one FLAS Fellowship in a Fiscal Year (e.g. August 15, 2018 to August 15, 2019). Students who are Academic Year FLAS Fellows may not receive a Summer Intensive Language Fellowship for the summer immediately following their Academic Year Fellowship. Students selected for a Summer FLAS Fellowship may also be selected for an Academic Year Fellowship for the period following their Summer FLAS because the Fiscal Year ends August 14.

Questions regarding these programs and the application process should be directed to Jeremy Booth, jabooth@uwm.edu.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellows

  • 2017/18: Margaret Moran (Russian), Gershon Pevnick (Japanese), Scott Patnode (Russian), Mackenzie Tubridy (Russian), Pengxue Vang (Japanese), Jasmine Vigas (Chinese)
  • Summer 2017: Nicole Lydia Sunny Dolezal (Chinese), Dominique Flannagan (Korean), Edgar Gonzalez (Japanese), Anthony Heffron (Chinese), Abbey Palmer (Russian), Sarah Stevens (Russian), Kimberly Weatherly (Japanese), Callie Weers (Japanese)
  • 2016/17: Jacob Apazeller (Arabic), Breanna Ayers (Chinese), Amy Lynn Beilke (Russian), Anastassia Christensen (Arabic), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Kevin Li (Japanese), Marissa Paulson (Portuguese), Rebecca Schnirman (Korean), Aaron D. Scott (Russian), Brian J. Tebbitt (Arabic)
  • Summer 2016: Jenna Busha (Japanese), Nicole Lydia Sunny Dolezal (Chinese), Dominique Flannagan (Korean), John Johnson (Arabic), Mayya Pechenova (Russian)
  • 2015/16: Ryan Boggs (Chinese), Edward Breihan (Japanese), Jacob Brown (Chinese), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Josephine Kirkland (Japanese), Spero Lomenzo (Chinese), Jadee Lord (Arabic), Alisha Olson (Arabic), Alexandra Stott (Russian), Andrew Woehlke (Chinese)
  • Summer 2015: Miguelina Berroa (Portuguese), Sugeiry Berroa (Portuguese), Nigel Dowling (Russian), Kristen Lango (Polish), Lindsay McElhenie (Russian), Bryan Rogers (Portuguese), Taylor Woods (Arabic)
  • 2014/15: Chelsea Ballas (Portuguese), Ryan Boggs (Chinese), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Erich Jones (Arabic), Josephine Kirkland (Japanese), Spero Lomenzo (Chinese), Heather Lueck (Japanese), Alisha Olson (Arabic), Buck Sharlow (Japanese), Alexandra Stott (Russian)