Nonprof-IT is working with the following organizations in Fall 2023.

  • Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
  • UWM Safety & Assurances
  • River Revitalization Foundation
  • Wildlife in Need Center
  • Your Move MKE Inc
  • House of Love Youth Homes
  • Allies for Teens in Foster Care
  • Kids Matter Inc

Spring 2023

  • UWM Safety & Assurances
    Team of assisted in switching the department over to UWM’s Web 2.0 identity with increased enhancements for usability, accessibility, and SEO..
  • Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
    Team of students performed a scan of devices and accounts on their network, retired old equipment and files, and migrated files to the cloud to enable remote work capabilites.
  • North Shore School for Seniors
    Team of students created a brand new website.
  • Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation Inc.
    Team of students updated the website, condenesed the menu for better accessibility, and assisted in promoting the 50th anniversary of the organization.
  • Milwaukee Turners
    Team of students migrated Jane’s Walk website content to the main site and retired the old site providing cost savings and easier management of the event going forward.
  • Kids Impact Community
    Team of students added event functionality to the website, added an SSL certificate to make the site secure, and cleaned up the menu structure to make the site more efficient to navigate..
  • Purpose Driven Sisters
    Team of students re-designed the website speeding up performance time, increasing sponsors exposure, and highlighting programming.
  • Prevent Blindness Wisconsin
    Graduate Assisstant and Program Director created an intranet for board members to easily share and upload meeting minutes and documents.

Other recent projects

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

  • UW-Milwaukee Manfred Olson Planetarium & Raising the Bar
    Team of students provided assistance and direction with social media.
  • Balance Inc.
    Team of students provided website, SEO, and social media support.
  • Joyful Foundation
    Team of created a new website for the organization.
  • Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts & Redeem and Restore
    Team of students provided social media assistance through creation of post templates and more.
  • Islands of Brilliance
    Team of students provided assistance with SEO and the website.
  • West Bend Housing Authority
    Team of students created a brand new website for the organization. Prior to the project there was no web presence.