Minor in Information Science & Technology

bisist_002_4The School of Information Studies offers an undergraduate minor in Information Science & Technology that is available to undergraduate students in any degree program at UWM. The minor appeals to students who wish to acquire the essential knowledge and skills in information science, information architecture, and information technology while pursuing studies in their major areas.

Combines well with:

  • Computer Science
  • Communications
  • General Business
  • Journalism & Media Communications
  • Health Care Administration
  • Interactive Arts
  • Intelligent Systems
  • International Studies
  • Philosophy
  • English/Technical Writing
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Requirements (18 credits)

INFOST 110 – Introduction to Information Science (3 credits)

6 credits from:
Information Science Emphasis:
INFOST 210 – Information Resources for Research (3 credits)
INFOST 230 – Organization of Knowledge (3 credits)
Information Technology Emphasis:
INFOST 240 – Web Design I (3 credits)
INFOST 250 – Internet and Information Communications Transfer (3 credits)

9 credits from:
INFOST 310 – Human Factors in Information Seeking and Use (3 credits)
INFOST 330 – Electronic Information Retrieval Systems (3 credits)
INFOST 340 – Introduction to Systems Analysis (3 credits)
INFOST 410 – Database Information Retrieval Systems (3 credits)
INFOST 430 – Multimedia Application Development (3 credits)
INFOST 440 – Web Application Development (3 credits)
Talk to your advisor for a complete list of course options.

Declare the IST Minor

Interested students should complete the form below and contact a SOIS academic advisors for further details.

IST Change of Major/Minor Declaration Form

IST Change of Major/Minor Declaration Form