Transferring Leave Payouts

Below are instructions for transferring leave payouts to either the UW 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP) or the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation program (WDC).

Employee Instructions

(Allow 4 weeks minimum for SRP and 6 weeks minimum for WDC)

  1. Determine retirement effective date.
  2. Notify supervisor in writing and human resources business partner.
  3. Employee should discuss with their supervisor if they will remain on payroll to use any accrued leave balances thereby affecting their final retirement date, or use remaining balances for a lump sum payout of vacation/personal holiday/alra.
  4. Review amount anticipated to be paid out of the above balances (coordinate with human resources business partner).
  5. If taking a lump sum payout, employees should consult with their financial advisor regarding tax consequences.
  6. If the employee wishes to increase their contribution to a SRP or WDC, so that the majority of their leave payout is deferred and does not incur a high tax consequence, they should verify with the Benefits office the maximum reduction amount available and coordinate leave payout with your human resources business partner.
  7. For the SRP program, complete a salary reduction agreement form and submit to Human Resources, Englemann Hall, Room 125. Once the salary reduction agreement is active notify the human resources business partner.
  8. For the WDC program, contact WDC directly for reduction step up. WDC information is found at, or call (877) 457-9327. Once the WDC is active notify the human resources business partner.

Human Resources Business Partner Instructions

  1. Human resources business partner will conduct a leave balance forecast to determine how to process leave balance.
  2. After step 8 above, the human resources business partner will log into HRS and process the payout of unused hours in the absence management module.
  3. Human resources business partner should take into consideration the payroll schedule in consultation with the employee.

Benefits Specialist Instructions

  1. For SRP program, enter salary reduction agreement form into HRS prior to payroll calculation.
  2. For WDC program, verify with Margaret Denton, UW Service Center, that WDC reduction has been received and processed timely.

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