Leaving UWM

ePanther Account Closure

If you will be leaving UWM, your data will leave our systems and your UWM email address will be deactivated. Please see UWM’s Identity and Access Management page for full details about ePanther account closure.

Transferring Leave Payouts

This link provides instructions for transferring leave payouts to either the UW 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP) or the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation program (WDC), for employees, human resources business partners, and benefits specialists.

Verification of Employment or Income

Verification of employment, or income, is not handled by the department of Human Resources, it is handled by UW-Shared Services. Please visit their webpage for instructions on how to obtain verification.

Verification of Employment and/or Income

Source: UW-Shared Services

UW System Resources

Please see these UW System webpages for more information about ending employment.

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