High School Health Collaborations

UWM Partners for Health would be happy to collaborate with schools and educators to guide students on college majors and career paths in health care.UWM Partners for Health team is made of advisors and recruitment coordinators from the health schools at UW-Milwaukee.

Partners for Health School Collaborations

We offer a variety of information sessions and recruitment opportunities that are designed to inform students about career paths in health care.
  • In-person or virtual classroom presentations on opportunities within nursing, public health, and the allied health professions including how UWM programs can help students reach their career goals. Our presentations can be adjusted to what you would find beneficial to your class and students.
  • Pre-recorded Video Presentations (four options: UWM Partners for Health joint presentation, allied health professions, nursing and public health). The UWM Partners for Health presentation includes a worksheet that highlights career opportunities within nursing, public health, the allied health professions, as well as the benefits of a college degree.
    • UWM Partners for Health Video Presentation (by request)
    • UWM Allied Health Professions (YouTube)
    • UWM Nursing (YouTube)
    • UWM Public Health (YouTube)
  • Visit UW-Milwaukee and tour the health facilities! Connect with the team to arrange for your school group(s) to tour the various health labs while learning about research and academic opportunities. Student and faculty discussions can be arranged for tour groups seeking deeper engagement.
  • Investigate Health Care Day (October 8, 2021), a large-scale interactive event for interested high school students to tour labs, interact with faculty and connect with current students pursuing health majors.
  • Early College Credit Program/Dual enrollment. If students are interested in getting a head start on a health degree they may be eligible to take early college credit through UWM.  For more information see the following link or contact dual-enrollment@uwm.edu. https://uwm.edu/academicaffairs/dual-enrollment/

Meet the Partners for Health Team

Matt Halloran
Matt Halloran
College of Nursing
Kelsi Faust
Kelsi Faust
Zilber School of Public Health

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