A loan is money you borrow to help pay for your educational expenses. You will have to pay back any loans with interest, so it’s important to only accept what you need. By submitting your FAFSA, you are evaluated for federal student loans.

Always accept any gift aid you are offered first. Once awarded, you may see both subsidized and unsubsidized loans offered. Subsidized loans don’t collect interest as long as you maintain half-time enrollment status (four credits for graduate students). Subsidized loans should be accepted before borrowing unsubsidized loans, which begin accruing interest as soon as funds disburse to your university account.

Once your loan funds have disbursed, you’ll receive information from your Loan Servicer. They will be your main contact for making payments, qualifying for loan deferments, loan balance inquiries, and any other questions specific to your loan. If you have general questions about loans, you can contact the Financial Aid Office.