French Minor

The French Minor includes the following courses. Waiver or substitution in any of these categories may be approved, in some circumstances, by the assistant to the chair for undergraduate affairs in consultation with the student’s advisor.


Total French Credits

18 credits

Required Courses (9 credits)
  • French 204 - Fourth-Semester French, 3 credits
  • French 303 (215) - Conversation and Composition: Intermediate Level, 3 credits
    or equivalent
  • French 332 - Reading French Texts, 3 credits
(9 credits)
  • 9 credits in French literature, language, and culture above the 300 level
Additional Requirements

9 credits numbered 300 or above must be taken in residence at UWM.

GPA Requirements

The College requires that students must maintain 2.000 GPA on all French credits for the minor, including any transfer credits.