‘The Wardrobe Man’ and the Art of Egyptian Artist Bassem Yousri

Multi-media artist Bassem Yousri will be on campus May 8 and 9 for an artist’s talk, film screening, and talk-back!

"The Wardrobe Man" and the Art of Egyptian Artist Bassem Yousri / May 8, 3:30pm, Artist's Talk with Bassem Yousri, Special Collections, Golda Meir Library, 2311 E. Hartford Ave. / May 9, 3:30pm, Film screening: The Wardrobe Man & talk-back session with Bassem Yousri, Curtin Hall 175, 3243 N. Downer Ave. Mr. Yousri is a well-known and internationally exhibited multi-media artist whose art engages a wide variety of themes, including cultural change and political contexts in current Egypt and in relation to the global context. However, his work also engages other cross-cultural themes such as the ability to communicate with people and circumstances across cultural divides. Recently, while Yousri was in West Jutland in Denmark, he created an experimental docu-fiction film about the eccentric 'Wardrobe Man' who lived as a hermit for decades and whose life is a local legend. / These events are co-sponsored by the Department of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature, the Department of Anthropology, the Center for 21st Century Studies, the Year of the Humanities Fund, the Muslim Milwaukee Project, and Center for International Education Title VI Sociocultural Programming support.