Spend July 2018 in Paris or Rome!

The Department of French, Italian, ad Comparative Literature is offering two 6-credit study abroad courses this July: one in Paris and one in Rome! Study with UWM instructors familiar with these European cities, improve your language skills, and enhance your cultural dexterity! UWM’s Study Abroad office has a lot of information on financing study abroad, too!

Application deadline: March 1. Contact Eric Anderson for more information about the Paris program and Mary Iaquinta for more information about the Rome program.

Summer Study Abroad in P A R I S June 30 – July 31, 2018 2 courses = 6 credits - grammar course at the Sorbonne University (taught by a French prof & founded in 1215!) - culture and civilization course (the city of Paris is your textbook!) - live in the Cité Universitaire campus Contact Eric Anderson for more info: ander245@uwm.edu summerinparis2018.weebly.com (application deadline: March 1st, 2018)Rome, Italy Study Abroad Summer 2018 \. Spend July in Italy! Earn 6 University Credits! Italian language. beginning to advanced (3 credits) Italian Society and Culture (3 credits) For more information, please contact Mary laquinta - - iaquint2@uwm.edu