Possible Issues for Discussion in a Mentoring Session

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(based on feedback from mentees and mentors over time)

In addition to simply learning the ropes of academia, there are many additional sources of stress that junior faculty must face.
A few include:

Lack of time

  • Dealing with co-workers and colleagues
  • Job preparation
  • Course development
  • Delivery of professional services
  • Dealing with students
  • Personal/professional balance

Unrealistic expectations

  • Set unreasonable self-expectations
  • Expect high levels of initial success
  • Expect close collegial ties
  • Expect high intellectual stimulation

Feeling of isolation

  • Colleague indifference
  • Chair/Supervisor’s lack of support
  • Unfamiliarity with institutional process and culture
  • Lack of access to information

Inadequate feedback and recognition

  • Poor student feedback or evaluations
  • Lack of clear expectations about performance
  • Little participation in department/unit decisions
  • Salary