Junior and senior faculty participate in the program as mentors and mentees, respectively. Interested faculty complete a short form and are assigned a mentor or mentee based on interests, needs, and divisional affiliation. Individual mentor-mentee dyads make arrangements to meet based on need and availability. Mentors are available for Assistant professors to acquire survival skills for new faculty and to ready themselves and their materials for the tenure process. Additionally, Associate professors may be assigned mentors to prepare for promotion to Full professor.

The goals of the program address entry level survival skills for new faculty, a supportive academic environment, career advancement, balance between work, family, and personal lives, and competencies as educators.

The FMP provides information on a variety of topics of interest to mentees and mentors, such as tenure and promotion, publication strategies, grant writing skills, assessment of student learning, and strategies for effective teaching. General mentoring guidelines are available to help you get started.