The goal of the Faculty Mentoring Program is to support and retain assistant professors as they progress towards tenure.

The Faculty Mentoring Program at UWM began in 1983 through the dedicated work of a group of faculty and administrators. The initial goal of the program was to be a resource for women faculty as they progressed towards tenure. Later, the program was expanded to include all untenured faculty members who expressed the desire to have a mentor.

Participation in the program is voluntary. The success of the program depends on the initiatives taken by the mentor and the mentee in sustaining a productive relationship over the course of progress towards tenure.

This program is not a substitute for guidance provided by the academic department of the faculty member as outlined in Faculty Policies and Procedures Section 4.05. Rather, the program will match each mentee with a mentor who shares similar interests but is from another department. The purpose of the program is to provide additional information and to be a resource for the faculty member to complement the guidance provided by the department.

The program is coordinated from the Provost’s Office. The program supports one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, and peer group mentoring arrangements. Events sponsored by the program include orientation for new faculty, interactive workshop on tenure process, and other informational sessions.

For further information, please contact Professor John Reisel at 414-229-4671 or reisel@uwm.edu