David Frick

Chemistry & Biochemistry
 Chemistry 333

Dr. Frick studies proteins that viruses synthesize in order to replicate in human cells because drugs used to treat viral infections typically target viral enzymes. The goal of this work is to develop new treatments for common and debilitating diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C. Dr. Frick and his colleagues have studied viral proteases and polymerases, which are common antiviral drug targets, and less common targets such as helicases and capsid proteins. They are now focused on discovering and developing viral helicase inhibitors so that they can be used with protease and polymerase inhibitors to better treat hepatitis C. Dr. Frick received his Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University, and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. He joined the UWM faculty in 2010 after teaching Biochemistry and running a research lab for ten years at New York Medical College.