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Program Administration

Name Department Office Phone E-mail
Marc Tasman Director, DAC Bolton Hall 570 (414) 229-4436 mtasman@uwm.edu
Scott M. Bruner DAC Program Assistant Curtin Hall 288 smbruner@uwm.edu
Samantha Geiger DAC Intern geigersl@uwm.edu

Affiliated Department Faculty

College of Letters and Science

Name Department Office E-mail
David Allen Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Bolton Hall 576 dsallen@uwm.edu
Aneesh Aneesh Sociology Bolton Hall 770 aneesh@uwm.edu
Joe Austin History Holton Hall 350 jaustin@uwm.edu
Gilberto Blasini English/Film Studies Curtin Hall 417 gblasini@uwm.edu
Christopher Cantwell History Holton Hall 342 cantwelc@uwm.edu
David Clark Senior Associate Dean Holton Hall 244 dclark@uwm.edu
Richard Grusin Director, Center for 21st Century Studies Curtin Hall 929 grusin@uwm.edu
Thomas Haigh History NWQB 2579 thaigh@uwm.edu
Lane Hall English Curtin Hall 584 lanehall@uwm.edu
Jennifer Johung Art History Mitchell Hall 147C johung@uwm.edu
John Jordan Communication Johnston Hall 235 jjordan@uwm.edu
William Keith English Curtin Hall 592 wmkeith@uwm.edu
Elana Levine English Bolton Hall 586 ehlevine@uwm.edu
Eric Lohman Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Bolton Hall 538 erlohman@uwm.edu
Thomas Malaby Anthropology Sabin Hall 397 malaby@uwm.edu
Stuart Moulthrop English Curtin Hall 439 moulthro@uwm.edu
Michael Newman English Bolton Hall 572 mznewman@uwm.edu
Peter Paik Comparative Literature Curtin Hall 786 pypaik@uwm.edu
Peter Sands Director, Honors College Curtin Hall 417 sands@uwm.edu
Amanda Seligman History/Urban Studies Holton Hall 342B seligman@uwm.edu
Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece English/Film Studies Curtin Hall 493 szczepan@uwm.edu
Tami Williams English/Film Studies Curtin Hall 474 tamiw@uwm.edu
Lia Wolock Communication Johnston Hall 110 wolock@uwm.edu

Architecture & Urban Planning

Name Department Office E-mail
Arijit Sen Co-coordinator, Buildings Cultures Landscapes Program Arch & Urban Planning 283 sena@uwm.edu

Peck School of the Arts

Name Department Office E-mail
Lisa Moline Art and Design Art Building 417 lmoline@uwm.edu
Nathaniel Stern Art and Design Art Building 251 sternn@uwm.edu
Christopher Willey Creative Director, Immersive Media Lab Art Building 316 willey@uwm.edu

School of Information Studies

Name Department Office E-mail
Rebecca Hall School of Information Studies NWQB 3531 rjhall@uwm.edu
Nadine Kozak School of Information Studies NWQB 3498 kozakn@uwm.edu

UWM Libraries

Name Department Office E-mail
Ann Hanlon Head of Digital Collections and Initiatives Golda Meir Library E157 hanlon@uwm.edu