Teach a CC Course

The CC Certificate Program is made up of formally affiliated courses that carry a General Education or Cultural Diversity accreditation. These courses have been selected because they help students meet the CC Learning Goals and area requirements. Many courses have been developed specifically for CC such as the “Multicultural America” classes. Departments, faculty, and instructional staff work closely with CC in offering these courses, and CC supports those teaching for the program in a variety of ways.

Instructors should recognize that CC students in their class are not simply checking off “Gen Ed” requirements or taking electives; they are pursuing a Certificate (the equivalent of a minor) with a coherent plan and defined interests. Topics and critical methods in your course should intersect with those in other CC classes, reinforcing students as they build their knowledge and skills.

All faculty teaching CC affiliated courses need to incorporate some of the CC Learning Goals into the design for their class. Courses must also meet the General Education criteria for UWM applicable to their area. Program faculty and staff have written a set of guidelines that should help those offering, redesigning, or creating courses.

Add an Existing Course to the CC Certificate

To add an existing course to the Cultures & Communities Certificate Program, email a current syllabus and a short course description to Rachel Buff (rbuff@uwm.edu) and Joseph Walzer (jbwalzer@uwm.edu).

For more information, contact:

Rachel Buff, Executive Director, Cultures & Communities Program
(414) 229-6327, rbuff@uwm.edu

Joseph Walzer, Associate Director, Cultures & Communities Program
(414) 229-6327, jbwalzer@uwm.edu