Faculty and staff currently teach over 200 courses affiliated with the Cultures & Communities undergraduate Certificate program. Courses are arranged in five areas: (1) the Core Courses on Multicultural America, (2) Cultures & Communities of the United States, (3) Global Perspectives on Culture and Community, (4) Art, Culture, and Community, and (5) Science, Culture, and Society. Funds are available for course materials and development.

CC supports research and publication based in community engagement. Such projects often begin with our Community-University Partnership grants program. CC also provides a home for UWM’s membership in Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, which provides resources for engaged faculty and students. UWM has sent presentation teams to many of the recent national conferences.
Service Learning
In addition to coursework, Cultures & Communities Certificate students must complete 15-20 hours of Service Learning, an experience which is coordinated by the Service Learning Office in UWM’s Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research. Service Learning places over 800 students a semester in community settings throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Center staff can assist faculty in syllabus and assignment design, locating placements, registering students, and learning about best practices in engaged pedagogy. Contact Center Director Dr. Laurie Marks for more information.