Study Abroad

UWM Study Abroad Students in China

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad. The Chinese Language Program offers short-term study abroad programs in China during the summer and in Taiwan during winter classes (UWinteriM). Up to 12 credits will be accepted from study abroad programs for the CIM submajor in Chinese.

About the Program

Established by American University in Washington, D.C., the China Studies Institute – CSI – (formerly Beijing Institute of Asian Studies – BIAS) has been in Beijing since 1985. Still maintaining a strong institutional affiliation with AU, the program began to operate independently, accepting students from other universities in the fall of 2004. CSI’s host institution, Peking University, is the most prestigious academic institution in China. The program is affiliated directly with the School of International Studies and the History Department where American students interact with China’s best students. A particularly exciting option for students participating in the China Studies Institute study abroad program is the opportunity to participate in an internship, arranged by CSI. Past students have worked in Media, Business, Information Technology, NGOs and Non-Profits and Law Firms.

To learn more and see the full program details, please refer to the UMW Center for International Education.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Each spring, two or more UWM students receive the Mandarin Enrichment Award from the R.O.C. Ministry of Education. Advanced students have been awarded the Fulbright/CLASS Scholarship for language and teacher training conducted in China. Annually, the best student in the highest level of Chinese is nominated for the WAFLT Excellence in Foreign Language Study Award.

Study Abroad Documents and Guidelines