Former Employees

Kyle Abts, SF Regional Director for West Africa, Sports Friends, 9/93-5/94
Sona Andrews, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Portland State University, 9/88-7/99
Kerry Antoniewicz, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Joint Operations Integration Office, St. Louis
Rebecca Armstrong Zawadiwsky, Milwaukee, 2/93-8/93

Joseph Bagatta, Wisconsin Energies, Milwaukee, 1/98-5/99
Dylan Baier, Utility Data Contractors, Inc., Englewood, CO., 9/14-6/15
Karra Barnes, Conservation Information Coordinator, Chicago Wilderness, 9/14-12/15
Paul Beyer, Senior Software Engineer, Northrup Grumman, Stuttgart, Germany, 9/92-9/94
Blaine Blaesing, Project Manager (GIS), Schneider Electric, Denver, 1984- ?
Elaine Bliss, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 1/90- ?
Susan Borchardt, Graduate Student, Geography Department, 5/17-present
Chris Brannin, GIS Specialist, Shoreland, Inc., Milwaukee, 2/11-12/11
Dezirae Brown, Knowledge Steward, MITRE, McLean, VA, 9/15-6/16
David Brych, The Aerospace Corporation, Tera Research, Inc., Washington DC, 1970-1973 (Retired)

Toni Catanzaro, 9/08-4/09
Tathagato (TC) Chakraborty, Graduate Student, Urban Studies Department, 6/17-8/17
Judy Childress, 9/93-6/94
Hugh Christie, GIS Technician, UDC, 12/11-
Jennifer Ciborosky Lyons, Properties Carpenter, Skylight Theatre, Milwaukee, 2/96-8/96
Craig Coughlan, Manager of Global Process Support Bucyrus, Milwaukee, 3/91-2/92
Carrie Czech, EMT, 9/05 – 1/06

Renée Destrampe, Baird, Milwaukee, 1/93-10/93
Chris Dickerson, LIS Analyst,Waukesha County Land Information Office, 12/11-5/12
Paul Dittman, Long Pontiac Chattanooga, TN, 8/92- 1/93
Kenneth Dunn, Prepress Manager, Info Label, Oshkosh, WI, 9/97-12/97

Ira Eisen, GIS Specialist, Garcia & Associates, Oakland, CA, 8/99-5/00
Nicole Enders, 1/17-5/17
Linda Estkowski, 1/91-12/91

Brian Fausel, GIS Analyst Geographic Marketing Advantage, LLC, Franklin, WI, 10/00-10/01
Sandra Field, Real Estate Milwaukee, WI, 6/92-8/92
Mary Ann Fisher, Office Manager, Cartography & GIS Center, UW–Milwaukee, 11/14-present
James John Flannery, Sr., Former Director, Cartographic Services Laboratory, UW–Milwaukee
Julia Fletcher-Hall, Stay-at-home mom, Dallas, Texas, 1/90- ?
Eric Fowler, GISP, GIS and Asset Applications Manager, American Transmission Company, 12/90-10/92
Nina Frantzen, GIS Consultant, Analyst, and Web Application Developer, SweetMaps, LLC, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10/98-12/00,/p>

Alexander Gaeth, 5/92-1/93
Paul Geiger, Accounts Payable Specialist, Brookdale Senior Living, 10/09-5/10
Donna Genzmer(Schenström), GISP , Director, Cartography and GIS Center, UW–Milwaukee, 3/80-Present
Theresa Glowacki, Utility Data Contractors Inc;, GIS Certificate Recipient, UW-Milwaukee, 9/14-12/14
Marc Goodman, 4/99-8/99
Timothy Gorsegner, GIS Division, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning, Commission, 2/90- ?
Carlos Guilbe, Associate Professor and Chair, Geography, University of Puerto Rico, 2/90- ?
Evan Gustke, Geography major, 9/16-12/16

Alan Halfen, Senior Marketing Manager, John Wiley and Sons, 7/06-12/07
Nikki Hammerberg, Exhibition Programs, Milwaukee Public Museum, 2/93-1/95
Ellen Hanlon Ash, Peck School of the Arts, UW–Milwaukee, 8/96-6/96
Jim Hicks, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, 4/89- ?
Sarah Hoffman Kemp, Associate Researcher, Applied Population Laboratory, Rural Sociology, UW–Madison, WI, 6/95-7/95
Tosca Hoffmann, ESRI, Boulder, CO, 8/98-6/99
David Horvath, Graduate Student Geography/School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee, 6/15-9/15
Adam Hudson, Lecturer, School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee, 5/05-5/06

Kevin Isaacson, Milwaukee, 10/18-11/18

Bradley Javenkoski, Transportation, State of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1/90-10/92

Shannon Kail, Crime Analyst, Milwaukee Police Department, 1/13-1/14
Lindsay Knudsen, 7/04-8/04
Nancy Kochis, 1/91-8/91
Emily Kort, Honors College, UW-Milwaukee, 10/13-8/14
Denise Kuhn Temple, GIS Analyst, Snohomish County, Washington, 1970-1973
Jonathan Kult, Water Resources Management Specialist, WI Department of Natural Resources, 6/11-5/12
Troy Kuphal, District Manager, Scott County, MN, 1/88 – ?

Charles Leonard, 1/08 to 2/08
Sarah Lill, GIS Specialist, Shoreland, Inc. Milwaukee, 1/09-5/10
Suzanne Fitzgerald Liebergen, 1/17-5/17
Jarrett Livesey, GIS Technician, Community Development, New Berlin, WI, 6/97-8/98; 12/10-5/11

Laurence Mandelin, Cartographer/Owner, North Arrow Cartographic Design, Metro Chicago, 6/95-12/95
Melissa Mann, GIS Project Specialist, Wind Lake Solutions, 11/08-5/09
Jean Manz, 9/94-10/94
Muriel Marseille, Graduate Student, Geography, 9/16-5/17
Geoffrey Masanet, 10/93-11/93
Michael Andy McAdams, Adjunct Professor, Political Science Department, SUNY Fredonia, ? -9/93
Christopher Merino, Student Intern, UW-Milwaukee, 2/16 to 5/16
Christopher Mixon, Director, Digital Resource Lab, Auburn University, 2/90-4/93
Timothy Moore, Deputy Director, Center for the Study of the American Constitution, History, UW-Madison, 8/87- ?
Claudiare Motley, Partner/CFO at Motley Consulting International, Charlotte, NC, 7/06-7/08
Joel Mouradian, Senior Systems Analyst, Northwestern Mutual Insurance, Milwaukee, 1/93-2/93
Paul S. Mueller, GIS Developer-Project Leader, retired. City Information Security Coordinator, Milwaukee Citywide Services Section, Milwaukee, 4/80- ?

Troy Neu, 9/97-12/97
Latasha Newell, 11/96-12/96
Brian Nicholls, Historic Resource Management Services, Archaeological Research Laboratory, UW–Milwaukee, 2/96-5/96
Jason Nyberg, Up and Coming Rock Star, A Catapult Western; Senior Project Manager, McKim & Creed 9/96-4/97

Paula Oeler, CartaInteractive, Milwaukee, WI, 5/95-7/95

Talyor Pate, Communications Intern, Cartography & GIS Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 9/17-present
Glen Pawelski, Senior Cartographer, Mapping Specialists, Ltd. Madison, WI, 1/91-2/93
Timothy Pearson, GIS Manager, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, 12/96-7/97
Ron Pemberton, Cartographer, Milwaukee Map Service, Milwaukee, WI, 1969-71
Leonard Pettyjohn, Professor, Detroit, Michigan
Doug Pibal, Mathematics Teacher, Pecatonica High School, 3/14-8/14
Matheus Caputo Pires, Mapping and Surveying Student, BSMP, 5/15-7/15
Sarah Pobiecke, Graduate Student, Urban Planning, UW-Milwaukee, 10/15-1/16
Joseph Polder, 10/94-8/95
Nicholas Puetzer, 1/02-5/02

Donna Rantanen Subotnik, Owner, Spring City Celebrations, 10/91-12/91
Anne Reis, Wildlife Biologist/Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program Coordinator, 6/10-2/11
Betty Rhodes, Geography Lecturer, retired, 4/00-9/01
Julio Rivera, Professor, Management and Marketing, Geography and Earth Science, Carthage College, Kenosha, WI, 7/94-12/99
Matt Robinson, Malaria Team Leader, Shoreland, Inc. Milwaukee, WI, 1/09-4/09
Greg Rybarczyk, Assistant Professor, Geography Department, University of Michigan–Flint, 7/08-12/08

Leila Saboori, Graduate Student, School of Architecture, 9/16-1/17; 9/17-present
Beth Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer, University Information Technology Services, UW–Milwaukee, 8/95-12/99
Timothy Schierenbeck, Graduate Student,School of Freshwater Science,UW–Milwaukee, 1/14-6/14
Ann (Runyard) Scott, Land Records Officer/GIS Lead, Bureau of Facilities and Lands, WI Department of Natural Resources Madison, WI, 10/04-7/05
John Senkerik, Project Manager, Cornerstone Development,Greater Milwaukee Area, WI, 8/96-12/96
Chayanika Singh, GIS Intern, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, 1/16-5/16
Beth Smith, 4/89- ?
Jerald Sommerfeld, GIS, North Las Vegas, NV, 4/89- ?
Allan Turini Speroto, GIS Intern, Mapping and Surveying Student, BSMP, 5/15-8/15
Jonathan Steimle, 1/17-5/17
Peter Strand, Land Information Specialist, Eau Claire County, WI, 9/02-9/05
April Strigel Kaiser, GIS Department Manager, Michael Baker International, Orange County, CA, 1/98-5/99
Ken Suess, Dept. of Public Works, Transportation Infrastructure, Milwaukee
Christel Syrrakos, Map Librarian, Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning, Commission, 4/89- ?

Don Temple, Retired; USFS volunteer interpretative guide; Big Four Ice Caves trail; Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, ? -1/80
Tony Tieso, 7/15-12/15
David Tilton, President, CartaInteractive, Milwaukee, Carta StudioWorks, LLC, 5/91 to 1/93
Chris Townes, Milwaukee, WI, ~1979
Vicki Twinde, Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, WI, ? -3/97

Denise Ullrich, Milwaukee, WI, 9/05-6/06
M. David Uy, Business Manager, Baylon Family Physicians, Milwaukee, WI, 1994

Robert Van Alstine, US Coast Guard, Monte Rio, CA, 10/89-7/92
Thomas Vander Velden, 8/95-8/96
Marcus Van Grinsven, Geography Major, 9/16-10/16
Dalia Varanka, Research Geographer, US Geological Survey, Rolla, MO, 4/89- ?

Daniel Weber, The Buxton Company, Fort Worth, TX, 9/94-3/98
Charlie Wells, Senior Project Manager, retired; Local Government, Professional Services, ESRI, Redlands, CA, 9/80-5/81
Bonnie Wigand Teekas, ? -5/93
David Wilfahrt, Client Marketing Director, New Verticals, Coupons, Inc. San Francisco, CA, 1/95-12/96

Danlin Yu, Professor, Earth & Environmental Studies, Montclair State University, NJ, 9/01-3/02

Jean Zamorski Brown, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, 8/87- ?
Jeffrey Zimmerman, Associate Professor, Geography Department UW–Whitewater, 8/91-1/92
Marion Zirbel, Senior Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman IT – TASC, Chantilly, VA, 1969-71