Client Guidelines

Before we can make a map or graphic for you we need certain information. We cannot proceed without it.

Classroom Use

We need to know how the map/graphic will be used or reproduced (print, photocopy, web graphic, powerpoint, etc.)

Publication Use

We need a copy from your publisher of their “Instructions to Contributors” or its equivalent. These instructions or guidelines are normally published annually in journals and give specifications on image area on the page, acceptable forms of lettering, and the correct form of the final artwork. We will keep these copies for future reference, so please check to see if it is on file.

A recent copy of the publication, if in a series. Since editorial practice commonly varies from stated policy, this will show us what is acceptable to your editor. If a copy is unavailable, at the very least we need a few photocopied pages – including a full page of text and several pages of maps or illustrations similar to what you wish us to produce.

“Highlighted” copy of the base map

Please provide us with the best base maps available, especially maps showing uncommon features to be included. Indicate the information you wish shown on the final map. Provide additional information in typed form, not handwritten.


We need to know what funds are paying for the work prior to starting the work. Funding categories are: internal grant, external grant, internal contract, external contract, or personal funds.

Time constraints

What is your deadline? Please be realistic. We need to prioritize jobs. In turn, we need a prompt response from you in order to meet your deadline. (A prompt response is anticipated to be one working day.)

Changes After Work Is Completed

You will be charged for changes which we deem not to be due to our negligence.